Meet Kimani Hamilton young media mogul who launched $8 journals for creatives

Written By: Maggie Brown (maggiethe_journalist)

Amazon: Purchase her journal here

Lead Public Relations Coordinator at ALY Media Relations and aspiring journalist, created a journal for every hard-working woman, boss, builder, and creative.

In July of 2022, Kimani Hamilton, CEO of Purpose Journals, announced on Instagram the launch of her new Amazon store.  Hamilton, a multi-faceted and talented professional has several years of media experience in media production, social media creation, and public relations.

She created these journals for writers, content creators and dreamers to put their thoughts on paper and turn them into action.

The 23-year-old New Orleans native studied Mass Communications/Media Studies, and received her Bachelor of Arts from Xavier University, Louisiana in 2021. Hamilton says she also created the journals to highlight black excellence and let women know they have a purpose.

Amazon: Purchase her journal here

“This [journal] is perfect for compiling notes, journal entries, prayers, shopping lists, dreams, affirmations, and ideas,” Hamilton said.

Aside from personal use, the journals are the perfect gift giving ideas for young girls looking for a safe place to jot down their everyday thoughts. Hamilton’s books feature images that show women of color, but she also offers custom designs at the customers request.

If you would like to purchase her book go here or if you would like to request an interview please reach out to her via Instagram

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