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by: Kamara Daughtry (Let’s Connect on LinkedIn)

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Do you have a LinkedIn? Of course, you do, but here is a better question. Do you have it updated? Are you active?

LinkedIn is amazing for landing jobs, new connections and putting yourself out there. As a professional career advisor, I’ve helped many people in media, tech, education and sales land a job by using LinkedIn and Resume assistance.

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What are the Top 5 LinkedIn Strategies to Land a Job?

You need to update your profile with the following information to increase your chances of recruiters reaching out to you. Keywords are imperative. If you’re not pulling up in the search results this minimizes your chance fpr others to connect with you and vice versa.

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While your profile photo should be professional, your background photo is a way to show off your brand and your personality. When used correctly, your LinkedIn cover photo can help new connections and hiring managers get a sense of your personal brand and get to know you a little bit better, according to

LinkedIn Headline

Your LinkedIn Headline is so important, this determines whether people will connect or follow you. A LinkedIn headline is at the top of a LinkedIn user’s profile where you can describe what you do in 220 characters or less. It should entice readers to click the profile to learn more about the user’s experience and background, per

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A Stellar Professional Summary

Your summary or About section is the one place you define yourself in your own words, free of start dates and titles. Whether you use it to put career choices in context, highlight your biggest achievements, or show off your personality, the summary is your chance to put your best self out there. It strengthens your first impression in a way no other Profile section can. You want to include: Hard skills, Soft skills, Job titles and Industry keywords. (Source)

LinkedIn Creators Mode (Turn It On) 

Creator mode is a profile setting on your dashboard that can help you grow your reach and influence on LinkedIn. You can turn on creator mode to get access to additional tools and features that help you create content and grow your audience base on LinkedIn. The Connect button on your profile will change to Follow. We’ll display the number of followers you have in your profile introduction.

I have over 8,000 followers on LinkedIn and have gotten job offers in my DM based on my profile. I definitely encourage you make sure your LinkedIn is reviewed by a professional or career coach.

LinkedIn Experience 

As a professional, student or senior level executive you want to make sure your experience is updated and details what you’ve accomplished. According to Forbes, if you are a job hunter, this is a crucial section to advertise the results you have achieved in past positions. A common mistake is to describe what the company does and not what you have done in your role there. The same is true for anyone wanting to polish their profile. You could be self-employed, an executive, a sales manager, a business owner, someone interested in attracting talented workers, or a consultant promoting your services. Readers want to quickly learn about the results and outcomes you have made.

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