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Written By:Maggie Brown (maggiethe_journalist

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Do you love crunching numbers? Are you someone who’s always budgeting for the month? Well, we have some good news for you.

Our previous articles, have touched on careers in tech, media and healthcare – so we wanted to finally let our readers know about the great jobs in finance.

Since the financial field expands from corporate executives, entrepreneurs and financial consultants there are no shortage of options to choose from.

The experience levels for someone looking to enter the finance field ranges from an entry level certificate to a masters degree in a related field.

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As of Aug. 2022, according to Indeed’s editorial team these are the top 7 jobs in finance.

1. Chief financial officer

National average salary: $123,265 per year

Primary duties: The duties of a CFO are vast and include overseeing analysts and budgeting, making cost-related decisions about technology infrastructure and managing financial teams.

2. Chief compliance officer

National average salary: $114,832 per year

Primary duties: Chief compliance officers oversee all duties and departments related to meeting requirements of compliance standards. CCOs deal with policy management and compliance monitoring to help businesses operate most efficiently and avoid non-compliance fees.

3. Information technology auditor

National average salary: $101,751 per year

Primary duties: IT auditors usually work for government agencies or private companies to confirm the technology infrastructure meets compliance needs and other enterprise IT needs. They spend their days conducting audits and should be skilled at doing so, which sometimes requires certification.

4. Financial software developer

National average salary: $93,817 per year

Primary duties: Financial software developers work in the growing Fintech space, creating programs that meet the needs of financial institutions and end-users.

5. Private equity associate

National average salary: $91,184 per year

Primary duties: These professionals network with investors to gain private equity they then apply to business investments that diversify the investors’ portfolios.

6. Insurance advisor

National average salary: $89,295 per year

Primary duties: Insurance advisors help customers find the best insurance products to meet long- and short-term insurance needs and provide guidance on purchasing decisions with regard to insurance for people, home, auto, investments and more.

7. Financial advisor

National average salary: $74,055 per year

Primary duties: These are professionals who help customers identify short- and long-term financial goals and lead them to products that make sense. The duties of an insurance advisor include being knowledgeable of insurance products, working closely with underwriters and people in risk assessment and being a primary point of contact for clients.

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