Top 10 Remote Healthcare Jobs, No Certifications Required

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You’re probably wondering: Can you work remotely in Healthcare? Absolutely! Healthcare is the largest employment industry, making it even easier for you to break into this field.

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Whether you’re a seasoned healthcare professional or a beginner in the field and worried about not having the right qualifications for a healthcare job, you can find the position that fits you best.

10 Remote Healthcare Jobs Without Certifications: 

  1. Medical Transcriptionist
  2. Medical Biller
  3. Medical Assistant
  4. Health Recruiter
  5. Medical Writer
  6. Medical Call Center Representative
  7. Development Coordinator
  8. Medical Coder
  9. Ultrasound Technician
  10. Surgical Technologist

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Medical Transcriptionist

  1. Yearly Salary: $32,250
  2. Primary Duties: “Transcribes doctor’s notes and patient information from voice recordings. Creates clear and concise written reports. Ability to complete the patient chart using electronic medical records software.”

Medical Biller 

  1. Yearly Salary: $30,000
  2. Primary Duties: “Reviews and processes patients’ medical claims for reimbursements (insurance companies). Understands diagnosis and which codes to apply for each diagnosis (for billing and insurance claim processes).”

Medical Assistant

  1. Yearly Salary: $32,480
  2. Primary Duties: “Provides support to a medical staff without getting totally hands on. Performs administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, updating medical records and bookkeeping, and preparing patients for exams.”

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Health Recruiter

  1. Yearly Salary: $97,000
  2. Primary Duties: “Identifies skilled professionals in the medical field and matches candidates with open positions at medical facilities. Screens candidates.Reviews resumes and conduct remote interviews. Negotiates employment agreements.”

Medical Writer

  1. Yearly Salary: $115,000
  2. Primary Duties: “Provides written manuals and training materials about specific medical accomplishments and advancements. Works for various healthcare organizations like pharmaceutical companies or medical equipment facilities. Conducts research.”

Medical Call Center Representative

  1. Yearly Salary: $29,000
  2. Primary Duties: “Answers calls and make calls to clients. Determines client needs and provides informational assistance for healthcare facilities.”

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Development Coordinator

  1. Yearly Salary: $47,500
  2. Primary Duties: “Develops fundraisers to support nonprofit healthcare organizations. Ensures that organizations reach funding goals to continue operations. Plans fundraiser events and finds new ways to raise funds.”

Medical Coder

  1. Yearly Salary: $39,000
  2. Primary Duties: “Reviews medical records and establish the proper coding for insurance reimbursement.”

Ultrasound Technician

  1. Yearly Salary: $65,620
  2. Primary Duties: “Performs ultrasounds on patients and passes along information to providers.”

Surgical Technologist

  1. Yearly Salary: $46,310
  2. Primary Duties: “Assists in operating rooms, prepping the surgical equipment and helping doctors as needed. Performs inpatient or outpatient care within facilities.”

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