Are You Actively Job Hunting? Top 5 Resume ‘Must-Haves’

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Recruiters take 7.4 seconds on average to decide whether or not they are impressed by your résumé. Looking for the Top 5 elements to include on your résumé? Keep reading below!

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1. Keywords from the job posting: You’ll want to include (without making it look like you did a lot of copying and pasting) some keywords and phrases from the job posting. This is especially important if the employer uses a résumé-scanning system. You can copy and paste a number of the job descriptions into to identify the most frequently mentioned terms and see how your résumé measures up. You get up to five scans for free, so its recommended you scan your résumé against a number of job descriptions (3-5) at the same time to get the most out of the service and get a better aggregate of the terms you should be using.”

2. Accomplishments and achievements: “Employers need to know what you’ve done to contribute to the growth of previous departments, teams, and companies to determine whether your strengths align with the needs and responsibilities of their company and the job opening. Under each job title and description, state “Key Accomplishments: X” and include the most important, impressive, and relevant achievements.”

3. Metrics: “Employers need numbers to be able to fully evaluate the scope of your bandwidth. No position is exempt from measuring results. Metrics help employers determine if a person is capable of leading a team, managing clients, or growing the business. Metrics are also a great way to back up your achievements. For instance, instead of just saying, “Helped grow revenue,” say something like, “Helped grow revenue by 100% to $1 million in 12 month period by doing X.

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4. Certifications and credentials: If you have a certification or advanced degree that’s considered to be an asset in your field, such as an MBA or RN, include it after your name at the very top of your résumé. Add details about these credentials in the education and professional development section of your résumé. Since this section usually appears at the end of your résumé, adding the acronyms after your name ensures the recruiter doesn’t accidentally miss this important information when they’re quickly scanning your job application.”

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5. Relevant URLs: “While résumés tend to be pretty cut-and-dried documents, there are ways to give hiring managers a better sense of your personality and expertise without breaking some of the standard résumé guidelines. Include links to websites that highlight your personal brand. This information should be grouped with your contact information at the top of your résumé. In addition to including the URL to your LinkedIn profile, you may want to include the links to your blog or online portfolio.” If you decide to add this information to your résumé, make sure you’re keeping these sites current and that the focus of these sites supports your personal brand and is relevant to your current job goals.”

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