Calling All Creatives! Check Out Fanbase and Monetize your Social Media Accounts

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Calling all CREATIVES! Looking to get paid for direct follower interaction? Check out Fanbase, a social media app that allows everyone to monetize their content.


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Aimed to uplift and amplify creators of color, Isaac Hayes III, singer-songwriter based in Atlanta, G.A. created Fanbase – an app that allows all content creators to make money by magnifying their content through building their subscriber base.

After noticing that black social media influencers did not receive the same financial benefits as other creators, Hayes wanted to empower creators of colors to monetize and grow, while being rooted in likeminded community. Fanbase is the first native app with full content monetization, including audio rooms. 

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“African American culture is the economic engine of social media,” says Hayes. “It is what drives innovation, creation, and virality and more often, none of the contributors are getting paid.”

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Photo utilized have been downloaded from StartEngine.

Curious on how the platform works?

Since its launch in 2018, Fanbase has brought 250,000+ users; some subscribers making $300+ a month. Fanbase is a guaranteed win, for those who want to make money off their content. The app differs from Tik Tok and Instagram, as Fanbase has not have any algorithms that limit viewing on posts. If you have subscribers, it’s guaranteed that they will see and “love” your posts!

Creatives using Fanbase receive payouts in monthly increments. Those subscribed to your platform can “like” or “love” a post – those “Loves” cost one penny – and as time continues the pennies rack up!

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