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The Power of Being A Podcaster | Sylvia Edwards

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Meet Thamsanqa Ndlovu the Founder of Datadvise Market Research Now Serving the Metro Atlanta Area

We want our readers to understand why you started your brand or company. We take a deep dive into the behind the scenes work, owner(s) and how people can support you.’s mission is to highlight rising talent, entertainers, popular podcasts, sports and the list continues. When you “Just Take a Look” on this page, there are no limits to what you can find. We pride ourselves on truth, inspiration, and positive content.

Louisiana woman creates fitness brand and social media challenge helping people lose weight

In 2017, this page was created as a college class project and now has evolved into a catalyst for entrepreneurs around the globe. Then and now believes there is power behind the lens. Always remember the content you publish online has the ability to change lives and minds with one “click.” We take this responsibility, seriously.

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