Top 7 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Content |


Written By: Maggie Brown (maggiethe_journalist)

Figuring out what type of content to post on social media to boost your engagement can become strenuous if you do not know where to start.

Most of the viral content we see on social sites has been thought out and planned meticulously by the creator or marketing personnel.  

But… this does not mean that everyday people like you and I cannot do it too. 

Here are a few of the best content ideas that can take your social media to the next level. 

  1. Recap Videos or Vlogs of Your Life. – Posting videos of your vacations, dining experiences, concerts, friend outings or trips to an amusement park are always clever ideas. This allows viewers to feel like they are there and experience these places with you.  
  2. Viral Dance Trends. – People are always excited to see the latest dance trend especially if they are dancers themselves. Even those who are not dancers like to see these trends because they live vicariously through you and your talents.  
  3.  How- To Guides or Life Hacks. – Everyone is always looking for a way to do things on their own or looking for an easier way to complete everyday tasks. Creating these guides will be a sure-fire way to have people view and engage with your content.  

        4. Product or Service Reviews. – Much like vlogs, people will view and engage with your content                   because it allows them to experience the product without spending their money first. This also                  allows them to make their mind up on whether the product or service is worth their time. 

         5. Anything Job Related- Posting information like places that are hiring, job experiences, job                         aesthetics, or effortless ways to create a work life balance seems to be viewers new favorite                     thing. People are loving these new tips and tricks and eating them up like candy. Your                                 engagement is surely to increase.

           6. Lifestyle Post – Luxury of any kind is attractive to everyone! People love to see others living a                   life of luxury effortlessly. This can range from healing old trauma and flourishing in life to                         being a wealthy person (especially young) in tech or corporate America to someone who                           simply buys flowers every week and does yoga in their living room.

           7. Skits – Everyone loves to laugh, so comedy and realistic skits about life are a great way to                          make relatable and engaging content.

Almost anything you can think of and execute in a fun or creative way can make the best content to post on social media. 

It will all come down to your delivery and the personality you put into it. Many of the people you see as influencers started off just having fun and posting on social media being themselves.  

One of the best tips I have for everyone is, do not over do things to the point that it seems fake or ingenuous.  

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