How to Create Amazing Instagram Reels using Canva

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By: Kamara Daughtry (IG: @socialmediakamara)

Instagram Reels are one of the best ways to increase traffic and increase your following on their platform. IG Reels are very similar to TikTok videos; in a short-amount of time you can capture a great number of people’s attention and drive them to your page or use this to increase sales.

I currently have a Canva Pro Account and utilize the “Instagram Reel Templates” to create the best IG reels for myself and clients.

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Here are the 5 Steps to Create an Instagram Reel on Canva

Search “Instagram Reel Templates” on Canva

  • Instagram is about aesthetic and style. When you search for different templates on Canva you can find anyone that suits your needs. According to Canva, you can promote your brand or project, experiment with your video editing skills, or just have fun online.

Edit Your Video

  • You can edit your video with multi-scenes and photos. When your editing your video you want to make it as authentic as possible. So put your own twist, unique graphics and lower third to let Instagram know this is your content.

Adding captions to your video (According to

  • Adding captions to your video is more than just a great way to improve the accessibility of your content. If someone is watching your Reel and they can’t have the volume up, having captions could be the difference between them skipping past it immediately, or engaging with it. Here’s how to add captions to your video in Instagram.

Using the align tool (According to

  • The align tool lets you magically add or remove someone or something from a video between scenes so it seems to disappear. How? You record the first part of the video then stop. Remove whatever you want to disappear and then you can use the align tool to get yourself back into the perfect position so the second part of your video seamlessly continues on from the first part with the object you removed magically gone.

Provide Value and Share Educational Content (According to

  • Creating educational content provides a valuable service for your audience, and helps position you as an expert on a certain topic. As a social media marketing expert you can consistently share tips, tricks, and behind-the-scenes content for your online community.

You can take a look at a few of my Instagram Reels here:

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