How do you survive a layoff? Rule #1. ‘Don’t keep it a secret’


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Written By: Maggie Brown (maggiethe_journalist)

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Losing your job is never easy, but imagine being laid off as the world may be heading into a recession. 

Unfortunately, that is the reality for many workers across the globe as companies like Twitter, Meta, Zillow, and Peloton all experienced layoffs throughout 2022. 

Mass Layoffs in 2022: What’s Next for Employees? 

Reasons for the layoffs range from cutting costs due to low profit margins to combining job titles and eliminating certain departments all together. 

Although employees cannot prevent layoffs, there are a few things you can do before, during, and after being laid off to increase your likely-hood of being hired and remain attractive to other companies. 

According to The Washington Post, Before you are laid off you should organize your personal and financial life, stay connected to the job market by updating your resume and professional portfolios, and network and apply for jobs that fit your career goals. 

Do you need a resume review?

The article also mentioned, that during the layoff process, you should remain calm and carefully read your layoff documents to ensure accuracy and fairness. Once you are laid off, give yourself time to process things emotionally, but also let others know you are job hunting so that you can get back to work soon. 

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I agree with the advice from The Washington Post, however, here are a few things that align with the ever-changing job market. 

  1. Tap into side hustle – Monetize your crafts. (i.e.) freelance work, selling products, or driving for Uber and Lyft. 
  2.  Use social media to your advantage. – Scour the internet and social sites for jobs that are hiring and have not posted the position just yet. Sometimes recruiters will take to Twitter or LinkedIn to find talent. 
  3. Evaluate your career. – If you are looking to pivot and switch careers, this may be the opportune time to do so. 
  4. Add new skills. – While you have some free time, add, or refresh new/old skills that you have or want. This could also make you more attractive to future employers.  

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Everyone’s situation will differ based on their company, career background, and overall self, but knowing where to start can optimize your chances of coming back bigger and better.

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