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By: Kamara Daughtry (@socialmediakamara)

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? PiZetta Media is offering advertisement on five of their major brands through digital streaming services.

Michael and Jen Vanzetta, a married couple in Washington, DC are making strides in the media industry. PiZetta Media is a platform that highlights community heroes on digital streaming services to promote frontline workers.

Interested in Advertisement? Contact: mike@pizettamedia.com customized packages

Michael a former Executive Producer of Live Video for The National Desk at Sinclair Broadcast Group understands the power behind digital content.

After covering some of the toughest stories during 2020, Michael and his wife decided to create content to highlight unseen heroes, such as police officers, healthcare workers, teachers, dispatchers, and etc.

In addition to frontline workers, PiZetta Media believes in diversity and supporting women lead endeavors.

Interested in Advertisement? Contact: mike@pizettamedia.com customized packages

According to a report by American Express, there are nearly 13 million women-owned businesses in the U.S. This figure represents 42% of all companies in the U.S. That means women own 4 out of 10 businesses, and these businesses generate about $1.8 trillion annually.

Jen VanZetta, a school teacher owns majority of the company making PiZetta Media a women owned business.

PiZetta believes in Content with a Cause. Here are the five major brands of their company

  • Valor TV
  • Zoo Animal Antics
  • Dispatch Networks
  • Health 24/7
  • Frontliners TV

There are also multiple shows you can sponsor as well below:

  • 5 Brands (Listed Above)
  • Natalie Fierce
  • PiZetta Media Presents
  • Blkbox app Podcast
  • Thank a Teacher (Very Popular)
  • Frontliners TV (Spanish, German, Italian, Korean, French, Portuguese(Brazil), United Kingdom)
  • The Tank Farm
  • DC Divas
  • Stories from the Freedom Museum
  • Patriot Point
  • FAST Channel


Washington, DC broadcast veteran starts five television channels for frontline workers

Advertising Statistics

  • PiZetta Media streams to over 10 services
  • Target Audience: 18-43 with 63% of the audience watching streaming services versus cable, broadcast or satellite.
  • Ad revenue was up 60% in 2021, up-to $14.4 billion total invested on CTV ads.
  • PiZetta Media connects people through emotional stories and with their audiences.

If you’re interested in advertising with PiZetta Media please email mike@pizettamedia.com.

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