‘No Sex Before Marriage’ Apparel by Michie Carter Available Now for Purchase

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Celibacy is a huge topic, especially for Christian women and one entrepreneur created a non-judgement zone  to discuss waiting until marriage through clothes.

Michie Carter, 49 years young, started Des’Mich Collections, which is a combination of two authentic names. Destiny, her daughter & Michie intertwined together birthed this brand to empower the next generation to be fierce in celibacy and respecting their body.

Des’Mich Collections sells hoodies, mens apparel, lady clothing, tote-bags and giftcards.

Carter wants to solve the future of singleness in our culture through celebrating diversity, inclusion and transparency. “It’s okay if you to wanna be married, that doesn’t mean you are weak. It’s okay to look and you might find it,” she said.

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According the makeitgrateful.com there are a few benefits to being celibate:

  • It gives you more mental focus and clarity
  • It allows you to build a more meaningful relationship foundation.
  • Being celibate exemplifies a type of consensual sex life
  • Celibacy can promote positive self-esteem and self-care

“I love my daughter so much and I’m determined to leave a legacy behind for her to be empowered that a woman who has confidence and believes in herself can do and achieve everything she sets her mind to [in this life]. To be honest, being a single woman can get very daunting and occasionally lonely, but I am here to redirect and tweak your mind that both single men and women should embrace, enjoy and showcase their singleness, it’s nothing to be ashamed especially when desiring marriage!” Carter said.  #SingleandProud [But Soon will be married]

Inquires: Michiecarter1972@yahoo.com

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Shop at Des’Mich Collections

She told us the most difficult part of her business was getting started, fear truly stopped her for a while. “I birthed and launched my brand during the pandemic; however I wish I had a mentor to reach [out to, who lived] in my community.

Carter desires to travel the world showcasing Des’Mich Collections at trade shows, fashion events and Christian conferences.

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