Sex abuse survivor starts Los Angeles based non-profit for children in need

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” – Vivian Greene.

Marthe Mournier, mother and founder of MM Sacred Heart Children & Family Services has partnered with Don Hough, CEO who are both working to help children everyday.

MM Sacred Heart Children & Family Services has over +20 years of experience helping children recover from sex abuse, establishing group homes, social welfare systems and career support for them to come back to civilian life.

Mournier, a survivor of sexual trauma says she helps those 7-17.

“[MM is] 100% privately funded. We provide shelter, food, education, professional mental healthcare services (psychologists, counselors, behaviorists, social workers), and literally everything needed by the children to recover and become valuable contributors to the world.”

MM Sacred Heart Children & Family Services are committed to children and strive to exhibit love for each child with the goal of:

  • Reuniting with their biological family
  • Transitioning to a licensed Resource Family Approval (RFA/foster family) home
  • Being evaluated to extend their time in our STRTP for further treatment

In 2020, during the height of pandemic their funding took a hit.

“Donations from philanthropists and private donors dropped dramatically causing severe financial difficulties. We provide services from psychologists, behaviorists, and counselors and this is very expensive,” Mournier said.

Support MM Sacred Heart Children & Family Services: Auction Items

Since the pandemic, they’ve focused on fundraising through antique items to help fund their program. MM Sacred Heart Children & Family Services has a 1000 square feet warehouse located in Chatsworth, California.

“Our warehouse has been featured as one of the hidden treasures of Los Angeles. We carry 100’s of antique and vintage items including designer handbags, vintage clothing, art, vintage lighting, jewelry, sterling silver items, and antique and vintage furniture. We’re picky about what we sell and curate each item to help us raise the funds that we need for our children. We ship all over the U.S.,” Mournier said.

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In the future, Mournier wants to grow her brand and establish an orphanages in Haiti.

If you would like to schedule an interview please contact or you can call her office (661) 388-9844.

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