The Power of Delegating with Virtual Assistant Shannon Harrison | Nonnah’s Virtual Admin Services

Shannon Harrison, owner of Nonnah’s Virtual Admin Services is helping businesses owners scale through one word: delegation.

Nonnah’s Virtual Admin Services, is a Virtual Administrative Agency who also specializes in executive and General administrative tasks.

Harrison, 52 who has a background in Human Resources and Payroll worked in corporate for over 25 years. With her experience in providing high-capacity and cloud-based solutions she understands that each business owner needs to start delegating in order to grow their company.

She’s helped over 25 entrepreneurs and medical clinics increase productivity and revenue.

Free 30 Minute Call | Free 30 Minute Call

Harrison not only assists with administrative work, but business development, social media, and digital marketing. By taking on recurring tasks and VA work, she’s able to free up time for small business owners to focus on the larger tasks.

Imagine you have a 10 calls, +20 emails and social media content you need to post. As an entrepreneur, you might start with emails then social media content because you want to ensure you’re engaging with potential clients.

But in reality, 9/10 you should focus on the calls to ensure you seal the deal and let your VA handle the rest of the work.

You make more money while she handles the administrative tasks

This is where Nonnah’s Virtual Admin Services come in; you either call her the same week or put her on a monthly retainer so all the work is completed by deadline.

Fun Fact: Nonnah’s is Shannon backwards. But guess what….I never knew that I could really do it. I did and created this business with YOU in mind. As a small Business Owner/Solo Entrepreneur myself, I understand the pain points that you face as you grow and scale your business. You wear many hats and there never seems to be enough hours in your busy day.

Here are some of the great ways she can help your business or brand:


  • Virtual Administrative Solutions
  • Calendar/Email Management ​
  • Business Phone Line Coverage
  • Research/Compilations
  • Data Entry
  • Virtual Front Office Admin Support
  • Virtual Notary Admin Support
  • Customer Relations Management
  • Social Media Community Management
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Project Management
  • Light Bookkeeping Solutions
  • Business Brain Dump

A few of her clients also provided testimonials of her work:

“Shannon is an incredible virtual assistant and a joy.  Having her work with me these past two years is like having a strong right arm.  She anticipates what is needed and works tirelessly to make sure the work is completed to your satisfaction.  She is also encouraging and gives you the feeling that she is with you every step of the way.  I love working with her and look forward to our continued partnership!”

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Harrison also has a blog and wrote on ‘The Art of Delegating’

Successful delegation simply requires a selection of tasks to complete, then a thorough briefing to the individual picking up the extra work. While first-time delegators may feel as though giving a briefing is a waste of time, and that they could accomplish the work in that amount of time, consider the overview of procedures and expectations to be an investment.

Once the staff member or virtual assistant knows the exact specifications and steps associated with their assignment, they can successfully complete the task and will require less direction on similar projects in the future. That being said, do not micromanage the assistant. Instead, be available to answer questions and give direction, but do not be overbearing.

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Harrison also does financial management, project & task management, social media management and email marketing. Overall, when you work with her company your business can grow and increase in sales.
If you would like to set-up a free call with Shannon go here  or you can contact her at

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