Top 5 Ways To Stand Out On LinkedIn | Career Edition

Written By: Maggie Brown (maggiethe_journalist)

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As a professional, there are many resources available that you can utilize to showcase your work experience and grab the attention of the next company you will work for.

Created in 2002, LinkedIn has slowly become one of the more popular platforms used by professionals.

Although LinkedIn is classified as a social networking site, it differs from Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter because its sole purpose is to highlight and connect your professional connections.

Like any other profile, you want to make sure yours stands out. Here’s how:

  1. Choose the right profile picture. – The first thing that will grab everyone’s attention when clicking on your profile is the picture you choose. Make sure it’s professional and up-to-date.
  2. Make sure your profile is neat and manageable to read. – Everything on your profile should be written clearly, concisely , and professionally. Avoid adding unnecessary things.
  3. Use your summary to tell a story. – Show those who read your profile that you are more than just a potential body within the company. What has your journey been like?
  4. Engage with your network. –  Like, share, or comment on others posts to add insight or different perspectives to the discussions. Never be argumentative or rude.
  5. Expand your Network. – Add as many professionals as possible even if they are not in your profession.  You never know who can lead you to or assist in your next career move.

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These tips won’t be your know-all-be-all, but they are a start to your professional journey and optimization.

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