How To Use TikTok for Lead Generation, Sales, and Clients

Written by Princess Natasha (@natasha_balogun) 

We are in the digital age, just in case you hadn’t noticed, and TikTok has become one of the most used social media apps with over 3 billion users. So, if your business target market is Gen Z and Millennials, you might miss out on massive leads if you’re not on TikTok.  

The truth is TikTok has an addictive vibe that keeps you scrolling for hours on end, and businesses are leveraging that to reach their specific audiences. You can generate excellently targeted leads with things like crochettok, businesstok, salestok, and booktok.  

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TikTok recently launched its Lead generation feature, allowing businesses to connect seamlessly with users. How? Videos have become essential to today’s effective digital marketing strategies, but TikTok takes things up a notch. TikTok lead generation allows users to fill out a simple form if they are interested in whatever you’re promoting. 


So, it’s simple; when viewers see your video and show interest in what you promote, they can fill out a form asking for their basic information. TikTok then shares all that information with you so you can use it with your business CRM or gain insight into your potential customer’s behavior. 


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The development means that businesses can now create targeted messages for specific customers. It’s more like you’re no longer shooting into the shadows and seeing which one will succeed. You can now develop specific, relevant ads or messages directed at all the different customer segments they have. According to TikTok, it goes beyond just generating leads; you’ll be able to tailor messages, drive web traffic and automate all your next steps.  

Don’t sleep on TikTok for your lead generation; it’s a fantastic tool! 

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