Shunreka Elliott: Building a Profitable Business with the Help of Automation

Written by: Princess Natasha (natasha_balogun)  

Holding down the fort as a wife, mother of two, and entrepreneur can seem daunting, but Shunreka Elliott does it effortlessly. The true embodiment of a ‘strong black woman,’ Shunreka’s professional career began in the banking industry where she worked for more than 8 years.

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However, during the pandemic she gave birth to her second child, and decided to begin her journey as a full-time SAHM (Stay-at-home-mom). Being a SAHM gave her the freedom to work toward her dream of being an entrepreneur.

Shunreka recently launched a software business Lynqful, a digital marketing tool that helps businesses with automation and conversion.

It’s concept is similar to that of a link in bio, but it allows users the capability to have more marketing elements on a page (I.e reviews, contact/signup forms, videos and more)Her third company which is a dropshipping e-commerce platform will launch late spring of this year.

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Lynqful, helps business owners make money in their sleep through the following:

  • Marketing Funnels – Lynqful landing pages make it simple for you to create a highly functioning funnel for your business.
  • Business Automations – Turn your page into a tool to generate income passively!
  • Converts Leads – Grow your e-list, get more subscriptions, etc. Lynqful pages can help convert leads with simple calls-to-action forms.
  • Digital Marketing Campaigns – Connect your unique link to all of your internet and social media marketing campaigns. To give them a super charged boost for maximized ad optimization
  • Social Media Bios – Use for link in bio. ​Perfect for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIN, and TikTok
  • Virtual Business Card – Never ever print another business card! Easily share your Lynqful with others. Scan your special QR Code found at the bottom of your Lynqful page. Your info will pop right up!

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In addition to her automation business, she also turned 3 of her project ideas into revenue generators. The pandemic birthed her brand and since then, she’s served numerous people with Bold Statement Graphics, her T-shirt company. Great prices, quality products, and professionalism are the major key focuses of success with this company.

If you need personalized T-shirts for any occasion please contact her. Also checkout her $10 logo tee special!

It’s one thing to find a passionate and cheerful strong woman, and it’s another thing to find a woman that loves to give back! Shunreka does all of this effortlessly. According to her, her company’s mission is to provide affordable economic empowerment solutions, and tools to minorities. Her company’s goal is to help educate people about entrepreneurship, and provide/ support youth programs within her community.

Her favorite words to live by?  

“If opportunity does not knock, build a door. Keep going; never give up. Consistency is key.”  

No truer words have been said. 

To connect with Shunreka Elliott, reach her via email at 

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