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By: Allison Sanders, Playwrighter (LinkedIn) 

‘Love is in the air’ is a popular phrase that envelopes the excitement of new and old lovers.  It is a part of a love language, a cliché that gives hope to many who believe that love is waiting in the winds for an opportunity to commune with those who desire it. We know there are seekers of love lasting relationships. 

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Why else would Valentine’s Day bleed red over the nation with floating balloons, long stemmed roses, heart shaped boxes, and greeting cards? Is that why couples charade their affections in the marketplace, parks, and restaurants, holding hands and kissing?  The original intention of Valentine’s Day was religious, but over the years has taken a romantic twist.  It has become a day to celebrate human hearts.  Smitten lovers create a pervading atmosphere of amour. 

They fill the air with intense emotions. Onlookers and passersby feel the vibe and inhale the joy of love.   When love is in the air, smiles are infectious, and the desire to be loved is contagious.  Truth be told, we like to see happy couples.  It reminds seasoned lovers of how they met and encourages others to have faith and wait.

Watch Something Just Ain’t Right Written and Produced by Allison Sanders

Although about 50% of married couples in the United States divorce and singles find that dating is harder than before, Americans still believe in romantic love and some even believe in love at first sight.  Men and women oftentimes look forward to meeting that special someone, despite past disappointments and breakups.  Maybe that is why Rom-coms (romantic-comedy) are so popular.  They satisfy our fantasies of finding a soul mate and falling in love.  Let’s not forget the commercialism of Valentine’s Day. 

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Corporations promise to make it rain with love if you spend the money.  Popular jewelers propose that magical moments happen when you give diamonds to the one you love.  Candy ads tempt us with sweet love.  Even the two Reese’s cups get it on to a soulful song! Dating sites amp it up with promises to deliver a pool of prospects that could lead you to the altar of lifelong love and commitment.  Just look at the statistics, there are over 323 million users on dating apps, with about 40% of users interested in marriage (  

No matter how you view Valentine’s Day, it does remind us of the glamour of romance and the experience of a deep connection to another person we care about.  All Humans need food, water, clothing, shelter…..and love.  When love is truly in the air, it is no longer a cliché.  It is an encounter to be embraced.

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