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Listen, I get it. You see everybody posting on the ‘gram and you’re sitting at home scrolling. Listen friend, everyday is a gift and I recommend you go out this Valentines Day. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it can be a time of Joy. I want you to call a couple friends and ask who wants to hang out. (Don’t be shy, I see you reading this. LOL JK)

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If you’re a guy (ask your bro’s) if they’re busy and feel free to link up with ladies in your area. Go bowling, inquire in a group chat it’s not hard. Get out your shell and find something to do. For all my people working from home, hop on zoom with a few friends and wish each other Happy Valentines Day. Spread the love and feel some joy this holiday season.

In the meantime, here are 20 Different Ideas you can do for Valentines Day (Singles Only). Our couples ideas are here.

20 Ideas for Couples during Valentines Day | Relationship Talk

Note to the Singles: (Give it some time, you’ll be married to the right one in no time). 

  1. Have a movie night or game night with friends
  2. Organize a fun outing like going to a museum or trying out a new restaurant (Make Reservation)
  3. Host a Dinner with friends
  4. Plan a day trip to a nearby attraction or scenic location
  5. Have a spa day or DIY pampering session with friend
  6. Have a virtual movie night together and watch a romantic comedy or classic romance film
  7. Plan a virtual game night with Valentine’s Day themed games
  8. Enjoy a night with pizza, wings and etc.
  9. Have a virtual wine and cheese tasting together.
  10. Bake heart-shaped cookies or cupcakes together (Invite a few friends)
  11. Create a care package with their favorite snacks and treats and send it to their home.
  12. Write each other letters or heartfelt notes and exchange them virtually
  13. Order takeout from their favorite restaurant and have it delivered to their doorstep
  14. Take a virtual dance class together, like salsa or tango.
  15. Organize a virtual spa day and give each other facial treatments or massages over video call
  16. Plan a virtual escape room adventure together.
  17. Create a personalized playlist for them with songs that remind you of your friendship
  18. Have a virtual paint and sip night and create Valentine’s Day themed artwork together
  19. Play a virtual game of charades or Pictionary with Valentine’s Day themes
  20. Have a virtual cocktail-making class and create Valentine’s Day inspired cocktails


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