Breaking Barriers: Natick, Massachusetts Elects First Black Woman to Select Board

NATICK, MA – Natick, MA has made history by electing its first black woman to the Select Board.

Kristen L. Pope, award-winning journalist, media and communications leader, wife and mother has taken a historic step towards greater diversity and representation in local government leadership. Pope, who leads social media for the Division of Continuing Education at Harvard University and serves as a Board Member for the United Way Tri-County, brings a fresh perspective and new ideas to the political table.

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“I seek to engage with my neighbors in Natick so that they feel seen and heard. It’s important that our local town government represent all voices and perspectives in Natick. I have a mission to elevate, amplify, and bring all communities to the table. I plan to build bridges so we can talk about the tough issues. Working collaboratively with the board, I hope determine the best governing policies and practices for town government,” Pope said.

Pope expressed how grateful she was to each and every person who helped her during the campaign and the new faces who went out to vote.

Pope attributes her success to her Christian faith, her capable campaign team and mission for unity. Pope’s Campaign Manager Cullen David Factor believes Pope will bring a unique perspective and help create #HopeWithPope, a driving hashtag that will build bridges of inclusivity to the community.

“Kristen didn’t just win a seat. She won [73%] of the vote in a 4 person race. She won each precinct outright. Kristen’s campaign was described tonight by someone we deeply respect as a near perfect campaign. One that has not been seen before in Natick. Kristen and her family have [done] so much to turn this into a reality. I’m blown away,” Joni Roberson Factor, campaign team treasurer said.

Pope’s victory is a symbol of hope and inspiration for people in the community especially women, who aspire to hold leadership roles in public office.

Races Select Board (Elect two for a three-year term)

  • Kat Monahan — 937
  • Kristen Pope — 2521
  • Richard Sidney (Incumbent) — 1751
  • Roger Scott — 520


The Natick community has already shown its enthusiasm for the newly elected board member, with many residents taking to social media to express their excitement and support.

Pope’s victory represents a step towards greater inclusivity in local government leadership, and serves as a reminder that all voices must be heard and represented in decision-making processes.

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