The Cast of Love Is Blind: Season 4 – A Look at the Singles Searching for Love

Written By: Maggie Brown (maggiethe_journalist)

On March 24th, Netflix premiered Season 4 of their hit reality show “Love Is Blind“. Created by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, the show is based on a 4-week long social experiment where singles look for love and get engaged even before meeting each other. 

The season was filmed in Seattle, Washington with the 30 contestants ranging in age from 25 to 37 and professions from Flight Attendants to Areospace Engineers, but they all have one thing in common … they are all looking for love, marriage, and “the one”.

Most of the excitement kicked off on episode 2 when 36-year-old Design Director, Brett proposed to 37- year-old Client Lead Recruiter, Tiffany. They also shared their first look and kiss with each other  on this episode.

While love was in the air for some on episode 2, others experienced heartache as 27-year-old Marketing Manager, Micah decided to end things with 33-year-old Sales Development Manager, Kwame , and 29-year-old Environmental Scientist, Paul ended his brief romance with 34-year-old two time divorce’ and  Flight Attendant, Amber.

But … plot twist; Paul asked Micah to marry him, and she accepted!

In Episode 3 27-year-old Certified Dental Assistant, Jackelina made the decision to choose 27-year-old Marketing Manager, Marshall which led to them getting engaged.

Kwame stepped up and redeemed himself after heartache by getting closer to 30-year-old Pediatric Speech Language Pathologist, Chelsea. They shared a beautiful song together as he played the guitar for her. They ultimately get engaged.

Episode 4 kicked off with the official engagement of 32-year-old Criminal Defense Attorney, Zack proposing to 26-year-old Business Owner, Irina during their first face-to-face meeting even though he broke 33-year-old Senior Program Manager, Bliss heart by not choosing her as his potential wife in episode 3.

All of the couples then took a trip to Mexico to test their love for one another before their scheduled weddings in a few weeks.

They discussed their pending marriage, kids names, timing of intimacy, and what one another thought about the other before meeting.

Some of the couples shared special moments while others opted to wait a little longer.

The couples all get a chance to meet each other during a small gathering, and Micah and Kwame seem to be a little more attracted to each other in person despite her choosing Zack over him. Is the chemistry still there?

In Episode 5, Zack tries to figure out what the future holds for him and Irina because he thinks shes not that into him due to being less affectionate than before. He questions whether they should just end things now and not waste anymore time.

Kwame and Chelsea discussed his actions and how it made her feel after seeing him and Irina sharing laughs and a long conversation by the pool. Chelsea was not happy!

The couples also get a little active this episode by going on dates with their spouses to bond a little more, but Zack and Irina just don’t seem to be getting along thus far.

By the end of the episode, Zack called things off with Irina because he thinks, “this is a disater … this is horrible … we act like an old married couple that’s been married for years and hates each other.”

This was just the first five episodes; but episodes 6-8 will drop on March 31; episodes 9-11 on April 7; and the finale will drop April 14.

The drama seems to be brewing. Stay tuned for future episodes to see what happens next because the question still remains, “Is love truly blind?”

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