Top 10 Tech Jobs that Require No-Coding

Written by: Princess Natasha Balogun @natasha_balogun for Include.Us

Tech jobs have become one of the most coveted jobs in today’s world, thanks to the high pay and benefits attached to tech roles. While everyone wants to be a ‘tech bro’ or ‘tech sis,’ not everyone has the mental ability to learn to code. If you fall into that category of people, there’s good news; not all tech roles require coding. You can still enjoy the great pay and multiple benefits without writing one line of code. So, what are the best tech jobs out there that do not need coding?  

Technical Writer  

Technical writing is the backbone of the tech industry. As a technical writer, you’ll convert complicated content, use cases, or instructions into simple words that regular users can understand. Technical writers oversee writing product press releases, company manuals, and all the content needed for an easy user experience. 

Graphic Designer  

Graphic design is a niche that is needed in every sector, even tech. Graphic designers design images, layouts, social media posts, headers, company imagery, and so much more.  

Project Manager  

Project managers are in charge of managing the day-to-day running of a tech company, especially startups. Project managers handle all planning and coordination from the first phase of the project to the execution stage. Basically, you’ll be working with all the team members in the company.  

Data Analyst  

Data analysis has become a very lucrative niche in the tech industry. If you have a thing for gathering data and facts, you’ll enjoy this role.  

Digital Marketer  

Digital marketing has to do with the intricacies of advertising products on the web. Marketing products or services require a certain level of expertise and knowledge that a digital marketer needs to have.  

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UI/UX Designer 

UI/UX has to do with the interface design of a web product (app or website) and what the users feel when they use it. Knowledge of coding is a plus as a UI/UX designer, but it is not a prerequisite for landing a tech role as a UI/UX designer.  

System Administrator  

A system administrator is in charge of handling the overall functionality of a tech product.  

Tech Writer  

There are many writing niches available, but if you’re interested in tech, becoming a full-time tech writer might be beneficial. Companies hire tech writers to put out content for various reasons. It could be promotional or for improved visibility; either way, tech writers get paid very well.  

CMS Web Design  

Regular Web Design requires coding, but CMS web design does not. As a CMS web designer, the coding has already been done for you; all you have to do is arrange the site according to your client’s preferences. Many companies use hosting platforms like Go Daddy to host their sites, and as a CMS web designer, your job would be to maintain and oversee the overall functionality of the site.  

SEO Specialist 

About 6 billion searches are made every day, and businesses pay experts to leverage search engines for business growth. SEO is one of the budding tech roles that require no coding; all you need is knowledge of how to make your company appear on top search results. SEO can be on-page –which is easier, or backend- which is more complicated. Whichever one you choose, there will be no coding required.  

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