Top 7 Instagram Reel Challenges: Not Going Anywhere

Written by: Princess Natasha (natasha_balogun)  for

If you’re looking to grow on Instagram, you must be paying attention to reels. Since Instagram announced that it would be more video focused in 2022, reels have taken center stage. Your account can go viral by posting just one reel.

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One of the best ways to take advantage of Instagram reels is by hopping on trending challenges. These are some of the Instagram reel challenges that have been trending forever, and they are not going away any time soon.  

Transition Challenge  

Transitions have been trending since reels became a thing, and they are not going anywhere. You can try transitions for anything from fashion to food to music; the best part is they always grab people’s attention. 


Throwback Challenges  

Everybody loves a good throwback video because it is nostalgic. Whether it’s for your personal or business account, there are so many ideas for throwback challenges you can try. You can show videos of when you started your business vs. now or your baby photos vs. photos of you now.  

Before and After Challenge  

‘Before meets After’ will always grab the attention of your audience. This challenge can work for a wide range of niches. Makeup artists use this all the time to promote their work, showing bare faces and then the made-up face after. Food creators, fashion creators, and even businesses can hop on this challenge and use it to promote their work.  

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Gratitude Challenge  

There’s always something to be thankful for, and the gratitude challenge is just a way for you to share those things with your audience. You can create a 5-day gratitude challenge or a longer number of days; what matters is that you post what you are grateful for every day until the challenge is over.  

Would you rather Challenge  

This is a great challenge for boosting engagement on your reels. You can also try “this or that” instead of “would you rather”; either way, it sparks engagement and allows people to share their opinion.  

Dance Challenge  

The great thing about Instagram Reels dance challenges is that you don’t have to be a professional dancer to do it. Choose trending audio, learn the moves, and post your reel; that’s all.  

Day in the Life or BTS Challenge  

Whether you’re a business owner or a regular Instagram user, people are interested in seeing how you go about your day-to-day activities. ‘Day in the life of a social media manager,’ ‘day in the life of a fashion designer,’ it can be anything! Day in the life challenge is all about showing the behind-the-scenes in your life or business; it helps to pique the interest of your audience.  

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