Top 7 Media Jobs in News to Apply For

Written by Princess Natasha (@natasha_balogun) 

Media jobs in the news are interesting and creative jobs you can take on as a career. You get to work in the inner circle and help get relevant information across to people. If you’re interested in getting a media job in the news, there are several niches for you to apply for but in this blog, we are rounding up the top 7.  

Camera Operator  

As a camera operator, you’ll be in charge of manning the camera in the newsroom, making sure the cameras are set up at the right angles, and filming journalists for live reports. 


Photojournalists take photos of the activities in the newsroom and outside the newsroom for documentation.  

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Social media manager  

Social media managers are needed in every sector, including the news. You’ll be in charge of sharing news and cross posting across all the social media accounts of your news channel. 

News producer  

News producers are in charge of creating and compiling all the visual elements of the news to be aired. From graphics to time tracking, and manipulation of video footage in preparation for a newscast.  

Audio Engineer  

Audio engineers handle the balance of sound in the newsroom. They are responsible for enhancing sound quality, connecting and testing the microphones, live recordings, and transmission of sounds through different systems. Thanks to audio engineers’ news casters and journalists always have great audio.  

Broadcast Technician  

Broadcast technicians control the transmission of news from the news station to the viewers at home. They check the transmission signal strength, control the visual and audio components of an ongoing newscast and also enhance the colors we see on screen.  


Videography is at the core of news casting. As a videographer, you’ll be in charge of shooting news videos, editing video clips and adding the necessary effects to those videos. The videos you edit can also be used to promote news channels or brands. 

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