One Patient at a Time: Get to Know the Haitian American Family Nurse Practitioner and Assisted Living Facility Owner Spreading Love and Peace

Written By: Maggie Brown (maggiethe_journalist)

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Martha Janvier is a Haitian American Family Nurse Practitioner and Assisted Living Facility (ALF) Owner whose mission is to offer a home to those that need peace, love and companionship on a consistent basis.

Martha, who is also known as Coach Martha J,  prides herself on being a God fearing woman of Christ, and her ability to advocate for the senior population on a higher level.

“I not only help seniors, but also the families and other loved ones,” Martha said. “Knowing that a loved one is under the care of a safe environment releases so much of a burden.”

Martha, a Miami, FL native and first-generation college student, holds a Master’s degree in Nursing with a specialization in Family Practice from Chamberlain University. She also earned a Bachelor of Science in Registered Nursing from the same institution.

Martha is presently pursuing a Post Masters degree as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner at the University of Miami. Her nursing journey began in 2015 as a Registered Nurse at Jackson Health System, where she worked for eight years.

In 2018, Martha took a leap of faith and became the Chief Executive Officer of Peace of His Cornerstone LLC and Owner of Peace of His Cornerstone Assisted Living Facility in Miami, FL.

P.H.C. Assisted Living Facility was established to cater to patients who require various levels of medical and personal assistance.

Like many others, Martha encountered challenges while venturing into entrepreneurship, particularly during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic.

“I had the drive, motivation, and ideas, but little structure,” Martha said. “I got the ball rolling, but I did things without a business mindset. I did things on my own without an expert or coach out of ignorance. It caused me to waste money and time.”

She also acknowledges that the pandemic changed the way she views life in general since she was tasked with caring for one of the most vulnerable populations at the time.

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“I had to meticulously be consistent with keeping a safe and clean environment … [plus] provide a stimulating environment because depression and loneliness was on a rampage in the pit of the pandemic,” Martha said.

Apart from owning an Assisted Living Facility, Martha is an A.L.F coach (since Nov. 2022), Business Strategist, and Children’s Ministry Leader, which explains her moniker, Coach Martha J.

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Additionally, Martha has developed a self-paced course that provides step-by-step guidance on launching your own Assisted Living Facility, available here

In the future, Martha envisions expanding her brand to include not only coaching services for A.L.Fs, but also Adult Day Cares, Independent Living Services, Clinics, Charity Housing, and being renowned for changing lives every day.

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