Carlee Russell Has Officially Been Charged With Two Misdemeanors After Admitting Her Kidnapping Was A Hoax (Updated)

Written By: Maggie Brown: ( maggiethe_journalist)

Carlethia “Carlee” Russell has officially been charged with two misdemeanors after admitting she faked her abduction. She is being charged with falsely reporting to law enforcement authorities, and falsely reporting an incident.

Both of her charges are class A misdemeanors, and carry up to a year in jail, plus a $6,000 fine if found guilty.

Russell turned herself in this afternoon with the assistance of her attorney Emory Anthony, and has since been released after posting bond.

On July 13th, authorities sparked a nationwide search for the 25-year-old Alabama native after she made a call to the Hoover Police 911 dispatch center stating that she had saw a toddler wearing only a white t- shirt and diaper walking alone on the side of interstate 459.

Upon ending the call with 911, Russell was said to have been on the phone with her sister in law when she could be heard talking to what is believed to be the toddler, before she suddenly began screaming and the line went dead.

Due to the severity of the situation, police rushed to the location where they found no signs of Russell or the toddler. The only items left behind were her iPhone, purse, Apple Watch, and her red Mercedes Benz that was still running.

Although many people were concerned and praying for a safe return for Russell, others online speculated that she was lying from the very beginning.

Nevertheless, the Hoover Police Department, Russell’s family, the communities, and many volunteers – including 19-year-old missing and murdered teen, Aniyah Blanchard ‘s  mother went out and searched for the missing woman endlessly.

Roughly 49 hours after the search began, Russell reportedly returned home alone with minor injuries and visibly shaken. Her parents called authorities and she was taken to UAB hospital for evaluation.

While being initially questioned by detectives, Russell stated that she was kidnapped by a white male with orange hair and a white lady whose face she had never saw.

She alleged that the kidnappers forced her to completely undress as they took photos of her, feed her cheese it crackers, and the woman played in her hair.

Upon further investigation, authorities found out that before Russell went missing she googled the movie “Taken”, how to steal money from a cash register without being caught, and do you have to pay for an Amber Alert.

Due to her search history, faulty statement, and pressure from the community to find out what happened, authorities held a press conference revealing all of the facts and explaining that they did not believe there was a danger to the community.

Russell has since lost the respect of many, her job, and the boyfriend that this situation was allegedly sparked behind – since he was said to have been cheating on her with a stripper and she wanted his attention.

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