Unveiling NiCol McCaw: The Visionary CEO Behind 7-Figure Healthcare Staffing Services

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Written By: Maggie Brown and Kamara Daughtry

Meet Nicol McCaw – a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, dedicated to living out the purpose God has planned for her. With a heart that resonates with the values of her generation, Nicol is not only a devoted mother but also a trailblazing 7-figure business owner who’s shaking up the norms and revolutionizing the way hiring is done, one step at a time.

In her engaging conversation with LookWeAreIncluded, she fervently highlighted that her primary mission is centered on love, extending care, and forging a timeless legacy for her children, no matter the challenges that arise.

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Her journey began in 2016 when she stepped into the role of a nurse, fueled by a deep passion for caring for the elderly. Then, in a critical moment in 2020, faced with a tough decision, Nicol chose to embrace the role of a full-time mom, leaving behind her position in bedside nursing. It was during this time that she undertook the responsibility of creating an agency dedicated to tackling the challenges of staffing in the field.

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While her endeavors no longer center on direct bedside nursing, they do encompass the empowerment of fellow nurses and the facilitation of impeccable patient care within healthcare institutions. In essence, Nicol’s life purpose manifests through the conduit of her passion for patients, healthcare professionals, and medical institutions. This vision materializes under the banner of Fair Health Cares, affirming her commitment to a synchronized healthcare ecosystem.

In a world filled with a sizable number of job seekers with quality experience and notable accomplishments, Fair Health Cares is here to help bridge the gap between open positions and professional looking for their next opportunity.


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Fair Health Cares specializes in hiring top-notch healthcare professionals for their clients through exclusive contracts with premier facilities.

With their unwavering commitment to quality, and a vast network of exceptional candidates, FHC understands that the heart of every successful organization lies in the people their clients chose to employ.

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Founded in 2020, the Saginaw, MI-based company, which also happens to be Nicol’s hometown, has forged strong relationships with more than 25 trusted partners, spanning a diverse range of businesses that include:

  • Genesis                                                                 
  • Saber Heath Care Group
  • Mars Hill Manner Assisted Living
  • Elizabeth Scott Community
  • Sagepoint Senior Living Services
  • Bay Nursing Inc.
  • Maple Ridge Care Center
  • Aspire Senior Living
  • Oceana Medical Care Facility
  • Riddle Village & much more!

Contact: info@fairhealthcares.com

FHC offers top facilities with exclusive contracts, great locations, competitive pay, benefits, and a mobile app that allows you to schedule shifts plus submit your time card. Like many other businesses, the trials and tribulations that arose from the Covid-19 pandemic didn’t deter the hard work and dedication FHC provided to their clients and employees.

Since a few companies had to close during the pandemic, being grateful for those who were on the front lines fighting and never complained is certainly proof of FHC compassion and commitment to those they serve!

FHC offers top facilities with exclusive contracts, great locations, competitive pay, benefits, and a mobile app that allows you to schedule shifts plus submit your time card.

If you are in the market for new job, contact FHC by visiting their website to schedule a consultation or browse their open positions and apply.

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