The Great Date Debate: 28 Places Some Social Media Users Say You Should Not Go On A First Date

Written by: Maggie Brown (maggiethe_journalist)

Within the past week or two, many of us have seen or heard of the recent list that’s been circulating around several social media platforms regarding unacceptable places to take

a woman on the first date.

Individuals from all walks of life have chimed in and the virtual realm for social media platforms has become a bustling arena where opinions clash, perspectives collide, and arguments ignite.

Like many others, this particular debate – which seemingly started on the platform X, formally known as Twitter, has reached a global audience with many videos topping views of over 10k, epitomizes the evolution of public discourse as we now know it.

According to the urban dictionary, a first date is, “ the night you’ve been waiting for, for the longest time. one of the most magical nights of your life, one you will never forget. it’s the butterflies you get as you get the message that they are outside, it’s the feeling of flowers blooming in your chest as you drive in the car to the destination. it’s the little things that make the night magical like cute little conversations about tour futures and getting food together and talking about the other great places you want to go to together, it’s losing track of time with the person you want.”

If we’re going to base our decisions and argument according to the definition, then some social media users just may have a valid point as to why they have chosen not to go on certain first dates.

Although opinions will vary based on the individuals attending the date and their personal circumstances, selecting the right venue for a first date is pivotal in setting the tone for a potential connection.

Additionally, these are a few more tips to consider when planning a first date …

– Avoiding places that may make others uncomfortable or feel unsafe is crucial.

– Steering clear of loud, overcrowded bars, overly intimate settings, or locations with negative connotations can greatly improve the chances of a successful and enjoyable first date.

– Opting for venues that encourage meaningful conversation, comfort, and a relaxed atmosphere will undoubtedly enhance the overall experience, fostering the possibility of a promising connection.

Ultimately, prioritizing consideration and thoughtfulness when choosing a location can make all the difference in creating a memorable and positive first date.

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