Baltimore: Coppin State University graduate hosts ‘The Product Swap’ in April to engage new influencers


IMG_5100One Coppin State University grad is creating change within the city of Baltimore by hosting ‘The Product Swap’ for new creatives to mix and mingle by exchanging products from around the world.

Jasmin Smith, CEO-Founder of TinyAllure LLC is hosting her 4th Annual Natural Hair Care Forum  “The Product Swap” on Saturday, April 18th, 2020 from 12 p.m. until 4 p.m. at the The StartUp Nest 1401 Severn Street in Baltimore, MD 21230.


The 4th Annual Natural Hair Care Forum  “The Product Swap” is an event for women and men to learn more about their hair, present new products (shea butters, lip gloss, oils, etc.)  and engage in a LIVE panel discussion with a professional barber.


Men: Do you have beards? Women: Are you looking for the next best product to maintain and/or grow your hair?


This family-friendly event also allows new vendors to join them each year. The deadline to become a vendor is March 20th, 2020 and the fee is $55.

SPACE IS LIMITED – To become a vendor or send your products to the 4th Annual Natural Hair Care Forum  “The Product Swap”  Email:

IMG_2759Smith, a Coppin State University  graduate, majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry. As an esteemed member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. she told that community service is in her blood. “Back in college I was known as Jay the AKA because I traveled to every HBCU college campus. I am the first person to attend and graduate from college in my immediate family.”

She likes to call herself a ‘workprener’, which means Smith works a 9-5 and does her passion after business hours. With only 24 hours in a day this HBCU grad is making her mark and plans to host more events for creatives in the future.

“We have attended Curlfest in Brooklyn, New York, Curls Essential, and Baltimore Curlfriends Meetup Media. In the future, I would like to attend the Black Girls Rock and Essence Festival,” Smith told

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Q&A Time: CEO Jasmin is also a member a group chat for Baltimore Young Professionals and prides herself on creating innovative events for people to enjoy. 

Now, there are levels a.k.a. requirements to be apart of  the 4th Annual Natural Hair Care Forum  “The Product Swap” so had a Q&A with CEO Jasmin Smith so you can be properly prepared before purchasing your TICKET.  And vendors, below you can learn how to send your products to the event and become apart of her event list.

IMG_0096 If I want to be a vendor or if I’m out of state how can I send you products? How can I have my items included in your ‘SWAG BAG’?

CEO Jasmin Smith: Email: How does this event work? When someone walks in the door, what should they expect?

CEO Jasmin Smith: [Once attendees] walk in, [they] are prompted to put their products [they would like] to swap on the swapping table. [Attendees] are then asked to take seats, the live panel begins and [people] are able to ask questions. After the panel is done [people] are able to shop for products for free and shop with our LIVE vendors.

  • During this event people can expect to learn what hair and beard care products to purchase in the future. Attendees, can also expect live demos on product usage for hair and beard care. What are some upcoming projects you are working on that your followers need to be aware of?

CEO Jasmin Smith: We currently formulate and sell whipped body butter. We are adding soap to our list soon. What are your goals Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years? 

CEO Jasmin Smith: The overall vision and goal for my company is to have The Product Swap hosted in all major cities annually. I would like to grow a team to host these events with.  In 3-5 years I do see The Product Swap at least happening again in DC and hosting one event in New York. For my personal brand I would like to formulate more and continue to gain clients who are interested in having their own product line.



Birmingham City School teacher directs play featuring ‘Ms. Juicy Baby’ from Rickey Smiley Morning Show

Sponsored by: C & J’s Crab Shack & Bar and The Ladiez Room  | Buy Ticket(s) Here

A Birmingham City School teacher and Miles College graduate is hosting a comedic stage play in March featuring ‘Ms. Juicy Baby’ a familiar face on the Rickey Smiley Morning show and cast member on Little Women: Atlanta.


Ms. Juicy Baby is set to perform in the ‘Dead Wrong’ comedic stage play directed by Allison Sanders at the Venue at Coosa Landing located at 201 George Wallace Dr, Gadsden, AL 35903 on Sunday, March 15, 2020 at 6 p.m. VIP – Doors open 4:30 General Admission 5:30

Buy Ticket(s) HERE | Group Tickets Email:

allisonAllison Sanders, CEO and Founder of New Year Productions LLC is the visionary and Executive Producer behind ‘Dead Wrong’, a funny story about a bereaved mother, Ms. Louise & her disgruntled friends who decide to take over the service.  (OH AND- Ms. Allison’s plays are Hilarious!) 

Visit: |All Plays! 

As a graduate of Miles College, Sanders is no stranger to the stage. She’s been producing, screenwriting and playwriting for over 20 years and her talents have taken her to great heights.

“I am so excited to feature The Real Juicy Baby in my show. She has the IT factor that my audience loves. We look forward to bringing a comedic play to the city of Gadsden and spreading laughter to those near and far,” Allison told

Space is Limited: All media inquiries please email: 

Sanders told us she remembers hosting plays at Miles College with her long-time friend Clarissa Kenty, talk show and radio host of The Ladiez Room digital program. “It’s so funny, Clarissa and I work and plan out projects together. I would feature her in my plays at Miles College back in the 90’s and would never ask her, BUT tell her! Ha, that was funny,” Allison said.

Buy Ticket(s) HERE | Group Tickets Email:

The event will have a Red Carpet- VIP section for fans to meet ‘Ms. Juicy Baby’ and other cast members before the show, but those tickets are limited.

The Ladiez Room Talk Show and CEO Ann Nuby host and owner of BLACKBOX5051 are media shows that will be present for the red carpet event.

Buy Ticket(s) HERE | Cash App $AlliMac2 | Group Tickets Email:

Space is Limited: All media inquiries please email: 


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CEO Anna Nuby, Memphis-podcast host launching new show in February adding counseling and flavor to put young adults on the right path

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A new Memphis-based podcast host is set to change the airwaves in February by mixing education, counseling and flavor to put young adults on the right path of success. 


Anna Nuby, originally from Flint, Michigan is launching a new show called ‘5051 The Podcast’ on Thursday, February 20th targeting young adults, and people who want to redefine their career and purpose. Nuby told, ‘5051 The Podcast’  is an extension of her online social media show called ‘Black Box Blog,’ which premiers weekly on Facebook Live. 

‘5051 The Podcast’ will be available on Apple, Spotify, Anchor, Breaker, Radiopublic and Pocketcast. 

Space is Limited: Advertise on her new podcast ‘5051 The Podcast’ or book CEO Anna  by emailing

Earlier years of Anna Nuby

Before traveling for shows and getting booked for speaking engagements, Nuby told her life wasn’t always easy.  In 2014, while attending college she was homeless, having financial hardship and going through a rough transition phase. After moving back with her mother in 2016, she re-named her show ‘Black Box Blog,’ from the previous name ‘Let Me Speak First’ in need of a fresh start. 

‘5051 The Podcast,’ is geared to reshape how young adults make decisions, in regard to parenting, relationships and the process of life. “The podcast is dedicated to self healing love and growth. Where the web series is more focused on community based [needs],” Nuby told  ‘5051 The Podcast,’ is set to air four times a week and get her feet wet in producing and content writing. 

Space is Limited: Advertise on her new podcast ‘5051 The Podcast’ or book CEO Anna  by emailing

Nuby is well-known for her counseling sessions and membership programs with parents. As a graduate of Udemy, an online learning program she is certified as relationship facilitator, in the science of leadership and in the neuroscience for parents on how to raise children.

 ‘I want my audience to realize the power they have to create, change or manifest whatever they want in life as well as who they want to be. If they have faith believe in themselves and put the work in. When they listen to me, I want my audience to know [I] was in their shoes once and I know the road was hard, long, draining and discouraging. The fight to overcome and become everything you deserve to be in [this] lifetime is worth the scar you might endure during the battle to win the war,’ Nuby said. 

Nuby will also be the Keynote Speaker for the following events:

  • ‘The Best of Me Brunch’ featuring violinist Rosalind Denise Rodgers out of STL.
  • The experience with 3x author Jasmine Merril out of Kansas City, Kansas. 
  • The everlasting vibe showcase hosted with R12 ENT out of Memphis TN.

Space is Limited: Advertise on her new podcast ‘5051 The Podcast’ or book CEO Anna  by emailing asked Ann Nuby a.k.a. CEO Anna a few questions offline and here’s what she had to say: 

Q: What media events would you like to attend in the future?

A: I would love to be a host on the best red carpet experience as well as the conference. Every day [I] work, I’m hoping to get into domestic violence shelter addiction clinics, highschools, and speak about coming out of a dark place finding and loving yourself while creating the lifestyle you want to love.


Q: Who do you all want to work with? List them all. 

A: Sister Circle TV, Breakfast Club, Ellen, Steve Harvey, Nick Cannon,The View, Dr. Phil, Derrick Grace, 19 Keyss’s, Lyanla Vanzet, Brink TV Wardskillz, The Carters, David Banner, Alex Elle, 50 Cent, Ryan s Harvey, Chance the Rapper, Eric Thomas, Kimberly Bryant, Whoopi Goldberg, Ice Cube, Yada The Herbalist,Tracee Ellis Ross, Daymond John,Les Brown, Tyler Perry, Taraj P Henson, Denzel Washiongton, AngelaBassett, Regina Hall, T.I, Little Wayne and Meek Mills.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 3 , 5, 10 years?

A: In three years I plan to have my own show on Sirius and traveling to do orientation for new students entering highschool and college, five years from now my oldest will be graduating and I hope that I’ll be a 4x published author gracing the NAACP awards as a nominee for my humanitarian work to the community and youth. Ten years from nowI plan to be running my own station on Sirius XM and have a live audience television show and building my very own network that employs black (minorities) interested in media radio and movie directing.

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Advertise on Christen Miller’s new podcast: 31 Blessons TODAY! Oh, and she’s a life coach

Become a Member of  31 Blessons Podcast: HERE 

Want to connect? Email:

IMG_9117Christen Miller, CEO of Future Endeavors Life Program (FELP) and Hope and Vision Outreach is lead by two words: ministry and purpose. As the owner of two businesses and a community advocate she understands that hard work amounts to success, but how does she push through challenges when they arise?

Miller a life coach and an author wrote a book called ‘31 Blessons‘ (available now) taking readers on her journey from being a military brat, to 8.5 years of post secondary education, trials-tribulations, stepping out on faith from a 9-5 employee to now a successful entrepreneur of 5 years, according to her website

Miller’s weekly podcast, 31 Blessons has over 2,000 listeners from around the globe and her viewers love sending in questions. Whether it’s through Instagram, Facebook or emailing a topic, Miller is known for responding and helping others navigate through their journey.

As an educator, Miller understands that a positive influence can move people in the right direction. With her increasing brand, she wants to put the right people in front of her audience; therefore she is selecting a limited group of advertisers to partner with her during her podcast.

Would you like to advertise with 31 Blessons podcast? Email:


As a community advocate, Miller’s organization, FELP, which is a 501c3 nonprofit organization targets at risk and willing youth in the areas of education, basic life skills, entrepreneurship, community service, and mental health. This is another avenue, where Miller uses her gifts and talents to develop the next generation. 

In addition to her current roles, Miller partners with a local North Carolina School system and gets booked for speaking engagements.

I’ve had the opportunity to speak to youth in public school systems as well as my Alma Mater Fayetteville State University with their programs for youth during the summer. I also had the opportunity to speak and teach at the Black Communities Symposium. Speaking with the youth allowed me to continue being of service to my community as well as igniting a fire within youth that come from low poverty areas. At the Black Communities Symposium, I was able to hold a nonprofit consulting class to those that were interested in which allowed them to ask questions and also learn how to develop their own nonprofit hands on. In the near future, I will go on book tours and conduct hands on self-help workshops,” Miller told 

Miller and her company offers the following services: 

  • Offer Advertisements Spots on her 31 Blessons Podcast
  • Public Speaking Engagements 
  • Assist people starting LLC’s
  • Assist with people starting Non-profit organizations 
  • Want to publish a book? She offers an ‘Author Publishing Course’
  • Counsel-Career Coaching 

Want to connect? Email: knows our readers love the Q&A segment, so we chatted with Christen Miller about how prospective members can sign up for her counseling services and/or become an advertisers with her? 

IMG_4317 What does your membership include? 

Christen Miller: [Please] go to our website and schedule a 30-minute consultation call for [only] $30.

  • Basic membership – 3 Months
  • Intermediate Membership– 6 months
  • All Inclusive Membership: 12 months

Online Course: We teach 8 session courses to individuals that desire to become a nonprofit consulting owner of their own company and make at least $500+ extra a month. Who is your target audience? 

Christen Miller: My target audience [are people] that have a desire to improve and enhance the quality of life of those in their communities and around the world. [Hope and Vision Outreach] offer counseling, coaching, and consulting specializing in nonprofit startups. The counseling is used as a tool to help provide assistance with understanding who you are, what your interested in doing and how to proceed. Once we have painted that picture, we utilize the coaching to help develop clear concise methods to reach your goals. Lastly, the consulting is used as an activation method to help implement new innovations for your nonprofit organization. What would you like prospective members to know about your companies? 

Christen Miller: We are not only a coaching, counseling, consulting company but we are also podcast show host that inspire many to be mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally whole. Our podcast can be found on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcast, and Overcast 31 Blessons: Heyyy Sis every Monday. We also conduct speaking engagements as well as hands on workshops consisting of group/art therapy as well as prepare course curriculum utilizing our book 31 Blessons.

If you would like to reach out to Christen Miller, please email: