Meet Gabriel Kerr, Rock’n Robin Productions producer in New York City |

When an opportunity arises, don’t wait for them to come to you, go get it. – Gabriel Kerr


Gabriel Kerr, a producer for Rock’n Robin Productions, is an Emma Bowen Foundation alumnus and millennial creative who understands the power behind the lens.

Kerr, who’s based in New York City, travels around the world to film special projects and works with a unique team highlighting untold stories.

The Columbia University graduate received his Bachelor of Arts degree in Film Studies and interned for a television series for four years under the EBF program. His early success prepared him for late nights and early mornings – the typical, nontraditional schedule of professionals in the media industry.

As a producer for Rock’n Robin Productions, a company founded by Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts, Kerr carries an idea from development to ideation.  After obtaining a ‘green-light’ from his superiors, he proceeds through the production phase to bring the project to life.

IMG_2490 During a Skype interview, Kerr explains everyday is different. The skills from his undergraduate program and internship developed the confidence and techniques he needed to succeed in his producer role.

A typical day in the field includes shooting video, editing, conducting interviews and reviewing media assets with his team.

“It’s a mix of documentary and news [and] it’s about hearing everyone’s story. ‘I’m very visual,” said Kerr.  “I [also] want more Black and brown projects, I want to see all of that out here.

Kerr recalls landing his first job in television. He created social media pages for the brand, positioned himself as a ‘solution’ for media organizations and marketed his work accordingly.  In journalism, the role of a producer can vary whether it’s supporting digital or broadcast projects, or working in the field coordinating talent. The opportunities are endless; it’s up to us to find them.

Remember, at the end of the day, we are all human and we are all here for a purpose. We should be able to work together and find commonality.” -Kerr


Q&A with Gabriel Kerr Gabriel, as a producer for Rock’n Robin Productions Company how are you able to use your creative license? How are you able to take these ideas with your team and turn them into stories people can [truly] see?

Gabriel Kerr: Here’s a perfect example I can share. There’s a digital series now in its third season. It’s called ‘Thriver Thursday.’ You’re learning people’s stories at their lowest point. I’m a supervising producer in that series.. [and] what we’ve seen in that series [the team] has built this to spotlight each individual.

Watch Kerr featured behind the scenes of ‘Thriver Thursday’

‘Thriver Thursday’ is described as an initiative that spotlights “thrivers” – people who persevere, achieve their goals and even surpass them despite life-altering circumstances. This includes people who have experienced a catastrophic diagnosis, unexpected loss, divorce, and personal betrayal. These are the people who were dealt a choice and they chose to thrive, according to Thriver  What skills do younger journalists need to be good storytellers?

Gabriel Kerr: Curiosity first. As a journalist, never be afraid to ask a question or shy away from something you need to know. If you feel like it’s something pertinent to your story, find the artful of way of getting the information so it’s hit’s your point[s]. You should almost know without specific details how you want your piece to formulate in your head. You never want to not be prepared. How were you able to build relationships and a community of strong mentors?

Gabriel Kerr:  Work ethic.  I like to consider myself personable – someone who will talk to you, and actually listen about what you are saying. We are humans first and we’re all working together on a common goal.  If you could say one thing to your younger self, let’s say age 22, what would it be?

Gabriel Kerr: You’ll be okay. Believe in yourself. I would tell myself to continue to learn being a life long learner. It’s how we all can grow and expand.

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Baltimore: Coppin State University graduate hosts ‘The Product Swap’ in April to engage new influencers


IMG_5100One Coppin State University grad is creating change within the city of Baltimore by hosting ‘The Product Swap’ for new creatives to mix and mingle by exchanging products from around the world.

Jasmin Smith, CEO-Founder of TinyAllure LLC is hosting her 4th Annual Natural Hair Care Forum  “The Product Swap” on Saturday, April 18th, 2020 from 12 p.m. until 4 p.m. at the The StartUp Nest 1401 Severn Street in Baltimore, MD 21230.


The 4th Annual Natural Hair Care Forum  “The Product Swap” is an event for women and men to learn more about their hair, present new products (shea butters, lip gloss, oils, etc.)  and engage in a LIVE panel discussion with a professional barber.


Men: Do you have beards? Women: Are you looking for the next best product to maintain and/or grow your hair?


This family-friendly event also allows new vendors to join them each year. The deadline to become a vendor is March 20th, 2020 and the fee is $55.

SPACE IS LIMITED – To become a vendor or send your products to the 4th Annual Natural Hair Care Forum  “The Product Swap”  Email:

IMG_2759Smith, a Coppin State University  graduate, majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry. As an esteemed member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. she told that community service is in her blood. “Back in college I was known as Jay the AKA because I traveled to every HBCU college campus. I am the first person to attend and graduate from college in my immediate family.”

She likes to call herself a ‘workprener’, which means Smith works a 9-5 and does her passion after business hours. With only 24 hours in a day this HBCU grad is making her mark and plans to host more events for creatives in the future.

“We have attended Curlfest in Brooklyn, New York, Curls Essential, and Baltimore Curlfriends Meetup Media. In the future, I would like to attend the Black Girls Rock and Essence Festival,” Smith told

Follow TinyAllure on Facebook and Instagram 

Q&A Time: CEO Jasmin is also a member a group chat for Baltimore Young Professionals and prides herself on creating innovative events for people to enjoy. 

Now, there are levels a.k.a. requirements to be apart of  the 4th Annual Natural Hair Care Forum  “The Product Swap” so had a Q&A with CEO Jasmin Smith so you can be properly prepared before purchasing your TICKET.  And vendors, below you can learn how to send your products to the event and become apart of her event list.

IMG_0096 If I want to be a vendor or if I’m out of state how can I send you products? How can I have my items included in your ‘SWAG BAG’?

CEO Jasmin Smith: Email: How does this event work? When someone walks in the door, what should they expect?

CEO Jasmin Smith: [Once attendees] walk in, [they] are prompted to put their products [they would like] to swap on the swapping table. [Attendees] are then asked to take seats, the live panel begins and [people] are able to ask questions. After the panel is done [people] are able to shop for products for free and shop with our LIVE vendors.

  • During this event people can expect to learn what hair and beard care products to purchase in the future. Attendees, can also expect live demos on product usage for hair and beard care. What are some upcoming projects you are working on that your followers need to be aware of?

CEO Jasmin Smith: We currently formulate and sell whipped body butter. We are adding soap to our list soon. What are your goals Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years? 

CEO Jasmin Smith: The overall vision and goal for my company is to have The Product Swap hosted in all major cities annually. I would like to grow a team to host these events with.  In 3-5 years I do see The Product Swap at least happening again in DC and hosting one event in New York. For my personal brand I would like to formulate more and continue to gain clients who are interested in having their own product line.