How to land a Project Manager Position, $50K & Above |

By: Kamara Daughtry (@socialmediaKamara) Please email your resume: Project Manager positions have become increasingly popular amongst job seekers within the last two years. A PM can work remotely and most of all ensures a project is completed to the clients/company’s standard. Per, anyone who manages projects (i.e. pieces of work) from beginning to end is a project manager. That includes people with “project manager” … Continue reading How to land a Project Manager Position, $50K & Above |

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Can we advertise your brand? | wants to promote your business! is an advertising and content platform here to provide rising stars the ability to increase sales and brand awareness. The Power of Being A Podcaster | Sylvia Edwards We are looking for the following brands Podcasters Bloggers Entrepreneurs Consultants Virtual Assistant Companies Creatives and more (Graphics Designers, Website Builders and etc.) Please fill out this form if you’re … Continue reading Can we advertise your brand? |