Class Photography

FullSizeRenderRule of Thirds- My assignment was to capture two subjects or sceneries in a creative way and describe the meaning, symbolism, purpose and/or abstractness of these photos. I chose these two sceneries because this represents a studios, hardworking student- athlete who also struggles being away from home. A student who is 12 hours away asks herself has she made the right decision. During the season her main focus is the preserve through tough times to maintain good grades.




Close Up- The purpose of this assignment was to focus on a small everyday object. In this assignment I used a “Nike slide”. The waves and circles on the shoe seem normal from a wider view, but my detailed description analyzed the meaning of it all. The waves represented “positive” or excitement in life. The moments when you are up identifies with the shoe. The “Nike” symbol represented perseverance, keep going through each test in your life.



Home Assignment- The “Home” assignment was designed to take a photo that reminded you of home and give a description. I chose my volleyball sneakers. Ever since 7th grade I have always placed my volleyball sneakers by my bed. If my collegiate team is traveling out of town, I will place my volleyball shoes beside the hotel bed and clean them off with a toothbrush as tradition.