“Play-By-Play Analysis” – Devon Ashby hosts new sports PODCAST with a hot twist

By: Jakeira Gilbert, Digital Writer and Producer 

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PODCAST LOVERS:  There’s a new podcast on the rise, and it’s definitely not “just another sports podcast.” Devon Ashby, CEO and host of “Play-By-Play Analysis,” is ready to give you the latest breakdown in sports, news, the music industry, entertainment and more buzzing topics! 

According to Ashby, the “Play-By-Play Analysis” podcast is a manifested product of his dream by wanting to create a space that combines his love of sports, music, and social commentary. The podcast also includes engaging guests that join in on HOT topics to create entertaining and memorable moments.

After being raised in a household with nine younger siblings, Ashby is no stranger to setting the standard for others to follow. He remains determined to overcome any obstacle he faces –including the daily challenges of producing his podcast shows with limited equipment.

Despite having limited equipment, Ashby found that his computer, his iPhone, and his voice were the perfect “undefeated trio” in delivering top quality news and entertainment to listeners.

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Ashby is all about letting the underdog’s voice be heard. With that being said, he also provides a special service during his podcasts, specifically for entrepreneurs – he lets them promote their own brand! This idea was sparked by Ashby’s belief of unity, community wealth, and his saying: “I want us all to be able to eat together!” 

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For me this isn’t about money; this was about starting something authentic that I could call my own, and also a way to preserve certain aspects of my own story and legacy.

LookWeAreIncluded.com conducted a Q&A with Devon Ashby and Jakeira Gilbert, LookWeAreIncluded.com’s Digital Writer and Producer took a closer look at upcoming media star. 

LookWeAreIncluded.com: What advice do you want people to know before starting a show? 

8D91956E-D139-4A0F-B742-7588AB4B2EAADevon Ashby: “There was a message I saw on social media some time ago that basically said when you go to the store, you see several different types of brands of bread, because no one has ever said “It’s already somebody doing bread so I don’t want to make that too.” In other words, don’t be afraid that there’s already “too many sports podcasts” or “too many music podcasts,” etc., No one can do it how YOU do it. Whatever idea God puts on your heart, make it happen instead of making excuses why it can’t happen.”

LookWeAreIncluded.com: How did the name for the show come about? 

Devon Ashby: My show’s name is my fraternity line name. I am a 2019 initiate of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Inc., a black Greek-Letter organization, and every fraternity member is given special nicknames when they’re inducted. Mine was “Play-By-Play, because I love sports and want to become a sportswriter.

LookWeAreIncluded.com: What’s your overall vision and goal for your company? 

Devon Ashby: My current goal is to build my viewing, and to deliver authentic perspectives of topics that other people either haven’t done or haven’t done the way I have. I also want to be the guy who people say, “He’s covering topics people rarely cover. Let’s see what he’s talking about!” I have some friends who have listeners in other countries; maybe one day after a certain number of episodes, I can have that type of viewership as well. 


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A new writer has the spotlight after she joined a growing blog that’s set to take the forefront for upcoming brands!

Jakeira Gilbert, a graduate of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, has joined LookWeAreIncluded.com’s team as a Digital Writer and Producer.  Gilbert a native from Tallahassee, Florida, is a firm believer in hard work and dedication being two main factors that continue to help her excel in the media industry. She has interned at CNN Newsource Entertainment in Los Angeles, California, and at “GMA3: Strahan, Sara & Keke” – the third hour installment of Good Morning America- in New York City, New York, and has shown resilience throughout her college career.

There’s a saying in media: #Good #Producers are born and not made, but in fact ‘great producers’ work hard at their craft. They become fundamentally sound with world events, social issues and report the facts while diving into some entertainment pieces that spark their interests.

Gilbert based in New York City is a freelance journalist who’s known for her clipped tweet that received over 129,000 views regarding the emotional interview with Antron McCray, of the Central Park 5: When They See Us Netflix film.

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Rich Apparel: ‘I created my own job after graduation’ Dre Alexander, made $2,000 in the first month of clothing sales

WARNING: If you read this article, you can no longer use fear or an excuse to stop you from making ‘it’ happen. 

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akexaderDre Alexander, a graduate of Mississippi State University has used his degree in marketing and concentration in international business to create a clothing line that will blow your mind.  Alexander, creator of Rich Apparel  based in Atlanta, Georgia told LookWeAreIncluded.com he started the his clothing company after he couldn’t land a job post graduation.

I couldn’t find a job so I needed something to completely support myself until I found one

Alexander’s brand Rich Apparel made over $2,000 in his first month of sales and has started a movement on social media that’s attracting millennials from all over.

u“RICH stands for: Reaching, Incredible and Challenging Heights, which I believe anyone can do with time and effort,” Alexander said.

Alexander grew up as an only child, but found out later he twin siblings, which made him focus on education even more. “The legacy I want to leave is to follow your dreams no matter what society tells you,” he told us. 

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This CEO envisions all of the designs, logistics, and handles the marketing for his clothing brand. From designing, advertising and managing Rich Apparel’s social media pages, shipping and packaging orders, he ensures all affairs are in order.

I just want people to know I am a 24-year-old adult with a vision and plan in place to have my clothing brand all over the world. It’s not about the money to me it’s about the meaning and what it stands for. Rich Apparel is more than a name, it’s a constant reminder to be better each and every day no matter what the situation is.

Back in 2018, CEO Alexander made his first design, which is something he holds remembers vaguely. In terms of designing, he likes to keep things consistent, but loves coming up with fresh ideas. 

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LookWeAreincluded.com asked Dre Alexander, CEO of Rich Apparel a few questions offline about how to combat fear and how to push through tough times. 

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LookWeAreIncldued.com:  What business owner do you most admire?

CEO Alexander: Rapper T.I – Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. (TI)

LookWeAreIncldued.com: Did you have any fears before starting your business?

8CEO Alexander: Failure is my greatest fear in this industry. There are many businesses that fail and I refuse to be a part of that statistic.

LookWeAreIncldued.com: When you made your first design, how many pieces did you sell?

CEO Alexander: I made my first design back in 2018, which is what I still use on my apparel to this very day. Though I have only released a few designs since then, I have many more ideas to come in the very near future.

LookWeAreIncldued.com: How does your clothing business work?

CEO Alexander:I do all of the designing, logistics, and marketing that surrounds my clothing brand. From designing to advertising on Facebook and Instagram, to even shipping and packaging orders, I make sure all affairs are in order.

LookWeAreIncldued.com: What new events can your followers expect you to attend? 

CEO Alexander: I’m currently working on selling Rich Apparel at events such as the Bronner Brothers Hair Show and a few fashion shows in June.

LookWeAreIncldued.com: What’s your overall vision and goal with this clothing line, what’s next? 

CEO Alexander: My future goal and vision is to definitely have a clothing store located in the midtown area of Atlanta. 

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BUY NOW: California woman creates natural hair growth product to combat hair loss |Underneath the Make Up

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A mother of five based in California has found a new way to out smart hair loss. 
Angie Hankerson, CEO-Founder of Underneath The Makeup has taken her personal journey and created a BOOMING business. Underneath The Makeup sells body butters, body scrubs, hair growth oil and natural edge control for all ages and genders to enjoy. 
Purchase Products here: underneaththemakeup1@gmail.com or visit her website! ONLY $6.99
In October of 2019, this CEO started her business after suffering hair loss due to stress. “I’ve suffered personal hair loss, as well as skin problems. I’ve had some problems with hair growth acne and after many unsuccessful trips the dermatologist I decided [to try] something all natural. My hair loss was due to stress,” Hankerson said.

Hankerson LookWeAreIncluded.com that her daughter received an allergic reaction to synthetic hair and lost her edges. This incident propelled, Hankerson to create an oil that has restored her hair.
Purchase Products here: underneaththemakeup1@gmail.com or visit her website
Now- the subject of hair growth runs deep for CEO Angie. ‘Our hair is our crown,’ she told LookWeAreincluded.com. At three-year-old her granddaughter was diagnosed with capitis, a disease caused by superficial fungal infection of the skin of the scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes, with a propensity for attacking hair shafts and follicles. “[My granddaughter] had big ball spots throughout her head and now [her] hair is growing where it was once bald.

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PhotoGrid_1583295985614Angie told us she had to do something about this; therefore she started doing her research and mixing different products until she found the right solution. As a 20 year veteran in the medical profession, she experimented for over a year and a half before she went public.

CEO Angie has attended some big events including, All Star weekend in Chicago and plans on attending many more. “I was also given the opportunity to be a part of the swag bags for the Tyler Perry oval office event in Los Angeles,” Hankerson told us.
My target audience is anyone who’s having problems with [hair growth]. Including anyone who would like healthy [and] stronger hair. I [make] all natural hair and skin products, I also [ provide] healthy hair tips on my blog.
Purchase Products here: underneaththemakeup1@gmail.com or visit her website

Q & A with CEO Angie Hankerson
LookWeAreIncluded.com: Where do you see yourself in the next few years?
CEO Angie: 
  • 3 years – A successful business
  • 5 years I would like to help children with Alopecia and help cancer patients who are in remission

Facebook: Underneath The Make Up | Instagram: @underneath_the_makeup1

LookWeAreIncluded.com:How long does it take to make my product?
IMG_20191016_202555_154CEO Angie: It takes 4 to 6 weeks to make the actual head with oil
LookWeAreIncluded.com:Why does your hair product work ?
CEO Angie: I believe my products work because of the all natural herbs and oils that I use and these hands have been blessed by the best. Plus I’m living proff. I wouldn’t really say there was an error using or making the products they just took longer for the process to happen the way i wanted it until I added other ingredients I just learned how to speed up the process after the 3rd or 4th try.
Purchase Products here: underneaththemakeup1@gmail.com or visit her website

Baltimore: Coppin State University graduate hosts ‘The Product Swap’ in April to engage new influencers


IMG_5100One Coppin State University grad is creating change within the city of Baltimore by hosting ‘The Product Swap’ for new creatives to mix and mingle by exchanging products from around the world.

Jasmin Smith, CEO-Founder of TinyAllure LLC is hosting her 4th Annual Natural Hair Care Forum  “The Product Swap” on Saturday, April 18th, 2020 from 12 p.m. until 4 p.m. at the The StartUp Nest 1401 Severn Street in Baltimore, MD 21230.


The 4th Annual Natural Hair Care Forum  “The Product Swap” is an event for women and men to learn more about their hair, present new products (shea butters, lip gloss, oils, etc.)  and engage in a LIVE panel discussion with a professional barber.


Men: Do you have beards? Women: Are you looking for the next best product to maintain and/or grow your hair?


This family-friendly event also allows new vendors to join them each year. The deadline to become a vendor is March 20th, 2020 and the fee is $55.

SPACE IS LIMITED – To become a vendor or send your products to the 4th Annual Natural Hair Care Forum  “The Product Swap”  Email: theproductswap@gmail.com

IMG_2759Smith, a Coppin State University  graduate, majored in Biology and minored in Chemistry. As an esteemed member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. she told LookWeAreincluded.com that community service is in her blood. “Back in college I was known as Jay the AKA because I traveled to every HBCU college campus. I am the first person to attend and graduate from college in my immediate family.”

She likes to call herself a ‘workprener’, which means Smith works a 9-5 and does her passion after business hours. With only 24 hours in a day this HBCU grad is making her mark and plans to host more events for creatives in the future.

“We have attended Curlfest in Brooklyn, New York, Curls Essential, and Baltimore Curlfriends Meetup Media. In the future, I would like to attend the Black Girls Rock and Essence Festival,” Smith told LookWeAreincluded.com

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Q&A Time: CEO Jasmin is also a member a group chat for Baltimore Young Professionals and prides herself on creating innovative events for people to enjoy. 

Now, there are levels a.k.a. requirements to be apart of  the 4th Annual Natural Hair Care Forum  “The Product Swap” so LookWeAreIncluded.com had a Q&A with CEO Jasmin Smith so you can be properly prepared before purchasing your TICKET.  And vendors, below you can learn how to send your products to the event and become apart of her event list.


LookWeAreIncluded.com: If I want to be a vendor or if I’m out of state how can I send you products? How can I have my items included in your ‘SWAG BAG’?

CEO Jasmin Smith: Email: theproductswap@gmail.com

LookWeAreIncluded.com: How does this event work? When someone walks in the door, what should they expect?

CEO Jasmin Smith: [Once attendees] walk in, [they] are prompted to put their products [they would like] to swap on the swapping table. [Attendees] are then asked to take seats, the live panel begins and [people] are able to ask questions. After the panel is done [people] are able to shop for products for free and shop with our LIVE vendors.

  • During this event people can expect to learn what hair and beard care products to purchase in the future. Attendees, can also expect live demos on product usage for hair and beard care.

LookWeAreIncluded.com: What are some upcoming projects you are working on that your followers need to be aware of?

CEO Jasmin Smith: We currently formulate and sell whipped body butter. We are adding soap to our list soon.

LookWeAreIncluded.com: What are your goals Where do you see yourself in 3-5 years? 

CEO Jasmin Smith: The overall vision and goal for my company is to have The Product Swap hosted in all major cities annually. I would like to grow a team to host these events with.  In 3-5 years I do see The Product Swap at least happening again in DC and hosting one event in New York. For my personal brand I would like to formulate more and continue to gain clients who are interested in having their own product line.