Photo Analysis

The detail inside the photo provides me a few details. At the top ‘Protesting in Egypt” shows over thousands of people protesting for “change” they want to see. “Protesting in the USA” exemplifies people on their cell phones, televisions and computer screens delivering a lazy image. The symbolism of the photo also shows in the 21st century “Protesting in Egypt” uses the power of the people to overthrow one individual or individuals who commit unjustified behavior. As I outline the headline associated with “Protesting in Egypt”, a picture of the 1960’s appeared in my mind. The United States once rallied for change and didn’t protest for social media memes. “Protesting in the United States” also shows a sign of children even being complacent about the world around them. If you are not personally affected by what’s going on around then it shows you don’t care. Everyone in Egypt are not personally affected by the corruption taken place, but just like to civil rights movement more people came to support because of the cause and justness of the movement. Currently, how we deal with issues in America are tweeting, posting, and snap all the information we want instead of go to the source and find a resolution. In many movements if you receive about 1, 2500 likes on your post your movement is considered “legit” in some areas, but in other countries just posting on social media is not enough to provoke change.  Our relatives dating back to slavery fought for the cause of education equality, voting rights, health care, and equality in government positions. As the millennial generation I see more of a trend of “tweet” about it, then come together and solve it.