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CEO Anna Nuby, Memphis-podcast host launching new show in February adding counseling and flavor to put young adults on the right path

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A new Memphis-based podcast host is set to change the airwaves in February by mixing education, counseling and flavor to put young adults on the right path of success. 


Anna Nuby, originally from Flint, Michigan is launching a new show called ‘5051 The Podcast’ on Thursday, February 20th targeting young adults, and people who want to redefine their career and purpose. Nuby told, ‘5051 The Podcast’  is an extension of her online social media show called ‘Black Box Blog,’ which premiers weekly on Facebook Live. 

‘5051 The Podcast’ will be available on Apple, Spotify, Anchor, Breaker, Radiopublic and Pocketcast. 

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Earlier years of Anna Nuby

Before traveling for shows and getting booked for speaking engagements, Nuby told her life wasn’t always easy.  In 2014, while attending college she was homeless, having financial hardship and going through a rough transition phase. After moving back with her mother in 2016, she re-named her show ‘Black Box Blog,’ from the previous name ‘Let Me Speak First’ in need of a fresh start. 

‘5051 The Podcast,’ is geared to reshape how young adults make decisions, in regard to parenting, relationships and the process of life. “The podcast is dedicated to self healing love and growth. Where the web series is more focused on community based [needs],” Nuby told  ‘5051 The Podcast,’ is set to air four times a week and get her feet wet in producing and content writing. 

Space is Limited: Advertise on her new podcast ‘5051 The Podcast’ or book CEO Anna  by emailing

Nuby is well-known for her counseling sessions and membership programs with parents. As a graduate of Udemy, an online learning program she is certified as relationship facilitator, in the science of leadership and in the neuroscience for parents on how to raise children.

 ‘I want my audience to realize the power they have to create, change or manifest whatever they want in life as well as who they want to be. If they have faith believe in themselves and put the work in. When they listen to me, I want my audience to know [I] was in their shoes once and I know the road was hard, long, draining and discouraging. The fight to overcome and become everything you deserve to be in [this] lifetime is worth the scar you might endure during the battle to win the war,’ Nuby said. 

Nuby will also be the Keynote Speaker for the following events:

  • ‘The Best of Me Brunch’ featuring violinist Rosalind Denise Rodgers out of STL.
  • The experience with 3x author Jasmine Merril out of Kansas City, Kansas. 
  • The everlasting vibe showcase hosted with R12 ENT out of Memphis TN.

Space is Limited: Advertise on her new podcast ‘5051 The Podcast’ or book CEO Anna  by emailing asked Ann Nuby a.k.a. CEO Anna a few questions offline and here’s what she had to say: 

Q: What media events would you like to attend in the future?

A: I would love to be a host on the best red carpet experience as well as the conference. Every day [I] work, I’m hoping to get into domestic violence shelter addiction clinics, highschools, and speak about coming out of a dark place finding and loving yourself while creating the lifestyle you want to love.


Q: Who do you all want to work with? List them all. 

A: Sister Circle TV, Breakfast Club, Ellen, Steve Harvey, Nick Cannon,The View, Dr. Phil, Derrick Grace, 19 Keyss’s, Lyanla Vanzet, Brink TV Wardskillz, The Carters, David Banner, Alex Elle, 50 Cent, Ryan s Harvey, Chance the Rapper, Eric Thomas, Kimberly Bryant, Whoopi Goldberg, Ice Cube, Yada The Herbalist,Tracee Ellis Ross, Daymond John,Les Brown, Tyler Perry, Taraj P Henson, Denzel Washiongton, AngelaBassett, Regina Hall, T.I, Little Wayne and Meek Mills.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 3 , 5, 10 years?

A: In three years I plan to have my own show on Sirius and traveling to do orientation for new students entering highschool and college, five years from now my oldest will be graduating and I hope that I’ll be a 4x published author gracing the NAACP awards as a nominee for my humanitarian work to the community and youth. Ten years from nowI plan to be running my own station on Sirius XM and have a live audience television show and building my very own network that employs black (minorities) interested in media radio and movie directing.

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April Davis, podcast host of Whoosah Chronicles owns two businesses and is making “Power Moves” across the country


Listen to the Whoosah Chronicles Podcast Now!

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This photo provided by April Davis, does not own the rights to this photo. 

One woman is taking the word success and ensuring it has no limits.

April Davis, the CEO-Founder of Whoosah Transformational Coaching LLC and podcast host of Whoosah Chronicles is taking the business world by storm. She provides life coaching, credit repair, and consultation for legal protection.

In February of 2020, Davis will be one of the guest speakers at the The Silent Voices Project, founded by Private Investigator Angelica Brooks who’s hosting its inaugural Women’s Awareness Expo in Montgomery, Alabama.

Connect with April Davis: Email 

April Davis is the producer and host of Whoosah Chronicles podcast. She’s on air at least twice a month and sometimes drops a bonus episode for her listeners dependent upon special events. 

In addition to Whoosah Chronicles LLC, she also owns Lady A Logistics LLC, a staffing company geared to help people who are looking for flexible schedules, and ones who are looking for employment opportunities. ” [It’s] my way of helping others, and I love it, Davis told

received_765959407209794Davis told, she wants everyone to have a chance of a better life. That’s the purpose of including life coaching along with job connections to ensure everyone can succeed.” As a life coach, Davis wants people to know how to handle stress. When bills are tight and resources are limited that’s when you take a second to ‘Whoosah.’

“No one will work harder for you, but the work is yours. I can’t accomplish your dream for you. I can only help you reach them. No false expectations. You must put in the work, ” April Davis told 

So,, spoke with April Davis offline about her business adventures and what her clients can expect when working with her. What’s your best advice on handling stress? 

“I relieve stress by taking a quiet moment to relax and get my thoughts together. Then [I recommend] you write [your] issues down along with the pros and cons and try to work out a solution. I also sometimes keep a journal to help me relieve frustrations or to just say the things I can’t say out loud. I also pray that is the biggest stress reliever to know I am not alone.” How does your credit repair service work? 

  • April Davis: We help a person build and repair credit. We partner with a company that helps remove and repair credit. We give fresh starts to people who want to do things that their credit prevents them from doing. We help you better yourself financially. Life Coaching: How does that work? Do you provide counseling? 

  • April Davis: We do not provide counseling, but what we do provide is a sigh of relief from life’s  problems. When a person signs on to my coaching sessions you receive your very own helpmate. I become all things to all people to help them accomplish their goals. You need a confidant; I got that. You need a cheerleader; I got my bullhorn ready. You need someone to listen; my ears are open. Team work makes the dream work, and dreams  are made to be accomplished. WE GOT THIS! Legal Protection: When you consult for people in this area, how does that work?
  • April Davis: I offer an insurance type program that covers family from as much as creating a WILL to a traffic ticket. We offer legal and ID theft protection. No problem is too great or small! We cover all 50 states. In this world were trouble is always lurking, we have experienced lawyers that can even be accessed by a app on your phone. What’s your goal: Why do you want everyone to succeed?

  • April Davis: My goal is to help as many people as I can. Sometimes we are held captive in our minds. We fuel our future by our thoughts. If we think negatively we can talk ourselves out of a dream before it even gets started. My goal is to let people dream, and then help them accomplish it. There is no greater feeling than reaching a dream that someone else thought was unreachable.
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