Rich Apparel: ‘I created my own job after graduation’ Dre Alexander, made $2,000 in the first month of clothing sales

WARNING: If you read this article, you can no longer use fear or an excuse to stop you from making ‘it’ happen. 

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akexaderDre Alexander, a graduate of Mississippi State University has used his degree in marketing and concentration in international business to create a clothing line that will blow your mind.  Alexander, creator of Rich Apparel  based in Atlanta, Georgia told he started the his clothing company after he couldn’t land a job post graduation.

I couldn’t find a job so I needed something to completely support myself until I found one

Alexander’s brand Rich Apparel made over $2,000 in his first month of sales and has started a movement on social media that’s attracting millennials from all over.

u“RICH stands for: Reaching, Incredible and Challenging Heights, which I believe anyone can do with time and effort,” Alexander said.

Alexander grew up as an only child, but found out later he twin siblings, which made him focus on education even more. “The legacy I want to leave is to follow your dreams no matter what society tells you,” he told us. 

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This CEO envisions all of the designs, logistics, and handles the marketing for his clothing brand. From designing, advertising and managing Rich Apparel’s social media pages, shipping and packaging orders, he ensures all affairs are in order.

I just want people to know I am a 24-year-old adult with a vision and plan in place to have my clothing brand all over the world. It’s not about the money to me it’s about the meaning and what it stands for. Rich Apparel is more than a name, it’s a constant reminder to be better each and every day no matter what the situation is.

Back in 2018, CEO Alexander made his first design, which is something he holds remembers vaguely. In terms of designing, he likes to keep things consistent, but loves coming up with fresh ideas.

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ogfjepoir asked Dre Alexander, CEO of Rich Apparel a few questions offline about how to combat fear and how to push through tough times. 

Visit ‘Rich Apparel’ and Purchase Apparel HERE  What business owner do you most admire?

CEO Alexander: Rapper T.I – Clifford Joseph Harris Jr. (TI) Did you have any fears before starting your business?

8CEO Alexander: Failure is my greatest fear in this industry. There are many businesses that fail and I refuse to be a part of that statistic. When you made your first design, how many pieces did you sell?

CEO Alexander: I made my first design back in 2018, which is what I still use on my apparel to this very day. Though I have only released a few designs since then, I have many more ideas to come in the very near future. How does your clothing business work?

CEO Alexander:I do all of the designing, logistics, and marketing that surrounds my clothing brand. From designing to advertising on Facebook and Instagram, to even shipping and packaging orders, I make sure all affairs are in order. What new events can your followers expect you to attend? 

CEO Alexander: I’m currently working on selling Rich Apparel at events such as the Bronner Brothers Hair Show and a few fashion shows in June. What’s your overall vision and goal with this clothing line, what’s next? 

CEO Alexander: My future goal and vision is to definitely have a clothing store located in the midtown area of Atlanta.

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