‘Paid In Full’ Power Couple, Dominic Osei and Lesley Osei, Acquires 130 Acres Church Retreat Center in Maryland

Credit: Instagram – @lesley.osei and @domosei

By: Kamara Daughtry (@kamaradee

Maryland — In just under seven years, Pastors Dominic and Lesley Osei have propelled Kingdom Full Tabernacle to remarkable growth, capturing the attention of the Millennial and Gen-Z demographic. Headquartered in Darien, CT, the Osei’s have expanded their ministry to North Carolina, the DMV area, and established a thriving Online Church, uniting believers of Jesus Christ worldwide.

The Oseis’ recent acquisition of a vast 130-acre property in Maryland stands as a testament to their unwavering commitment and visionary leadership. With 16 meticulously maintained buildings, including a majestic manor house and charming barns, the retreat center serves as a sacred sanctuary for their church and other congregations to gather, worship, and honor God.

Pastor Dominic Osei, esteemed head of Kingdom Full Tabernacle Int, and his wife Lesley Osei have not only overseen the church’s rapid expansion but also demonstrated a profound commitment to humanitarian efforts. They have dedicated themselves to providing essential support to underprivileged children and geriatric patients in shelters and psychiatric wards worldwide.

Yahoo Finance highlighted the Oseis’ exceptional financial teachings, guiding people towards debt-free living and financial freedom

With a Business Administration degree from Fordham University, Pastor Dominic Osei has cultivated strong partnerships with leading corporations such as Union Bank of Switzerland, Royal Bank of Scotland, and Morgan Stanley, bridging the worlds of faith and business to contribute to Kingdom Full Tabernacle’s success.

With a robust online presence, including over 30,000 subscribers on YouTube, the Osei’s have discovered the key to their influence: prayer. Broadcasting powerful prayer sessions on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, they engage in fervent intercession every day, witnessing transformative results. Their unwavering commitment has propelled them to venture into the real estate industry, recently acquiring over 130 acres of land in Maryland.

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Lesley B. Osei, a distinguished researcher with a decade of experience, has made significant contributions in the field of medical science. Her work on re-operations following Robot-Assisted Radical Cystectomy has gained recognition in esteemed publications such as the American Urological Association and the Journal of Urology. Alongside her role as First Lady at Kingdom Full Tabernacle, Lesley also co-chairs the charity efforts.

The power couple, blessed with six children, achieved a remarkable feat by purchasing their first church property in 2022 for an astounding $5 million, paying in full and remaining debt-free in under seven years. Sharing her excitement on Instagram, First Lady Leslie Osei expressed, “We acquired 15 acres on the last day of 2020, amidst the pandemic, for $1.5 million in cash, significantly lower than expected. We are now collaborating with architects to complete the necessary paperwork, environmental assessments, and zoning compliance to construct a space that truly embodies the Kingdom.”

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