Media Alert: Rapper Big Boss Vette Talks New EP Release, Cover Art, & Futrue Plans During Her Press Conference

Written By: Maggie Brown (maggiethe_journalist)

Through an exclusive press conference interview, I had the privilege of sitting down with Big Boss Vette, as she detailed the process she endured while releasing her highly-anticipated new EP Resilience.

She talked about her creative process, inspirations, and the evolution of her sound throughout her musical career.

Per her A&R team, “In celebration of the project’s arrival, she uncovered a personal short film that digs deeper into Big Boss Vette’s story of RESILIENCE. It opens with a powerful line from the hit-maker as she states, “the good shit yall see came from a million failures.” Then it proceeds to chronicle her success from the very start up until now. It’s a transparent and inspiring story of how self belief will unlock the doors to achieving your dreams.”

This press conference offered me a unique insight into the mind of the visionary artist poised to make a significant impact on the music industry.

Big Boss Vette is a 25-year-old St. Louis born native, who has been releasing hit after hit since 2020.

Singles such as “Outside,” “Snatched” and the 2022 hit “Pretty Girls Walk” have solidified her infectiously fun and fiery sound. Remixed with Coi Leray in 2023, “Pretty Girls Walk” has amassed over 35 million streams across platforms and has stormed through the TikTok trends since its release.

She is a force to be reckoned with in the hip-hop realm, and a catalyst for sonic revolution. With relentless beats that hit like thunder and a flow that electrifies the soul, she is about to unleash a seismic wave of raw talent and untamed creativity.

From catchy lines to introspective musings that slice through the the fans ear drums, her new EP promises to be an unfiltered journey into the depths of urban poetry and audacious artistry.

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Big Boss Vette say she knew a rap career was in her future when a promoter in her city asked her to open up for rap artist NBA Young Boy, and fans actually knew her songs.

“ … My city was going crazy about [ NBA Young Boy] coming, and I thought, ‘man this gonna be big,’ but I didn’t know who knew my songs,”  Vette said. “ But when I got on that stage, and they started singing with me, and they were over powering my music, I was like … yall like me!” “It was instantly up from there. That’s when I was like, ‘ oh I’m supposed to be a rapper.”

During the press conference, Big Boss Vette often referred to her fans as her “cousins.” She noted that she’s well know in her city, so when her label asked her to collaborate on the Spider Verse soundtrack with other St. Louis artist and producers, she said, “ … this is different lol, I am scared, but let’s do this.”

“ I went to the studio and cut it that same night, and sent it in,” Vette said. “  We were just crossing our fingers and hoping that it got picked up.  … and it did.”

Big Boss Vette says that she thinks social media platforms play a part in helping artist with their music career because of its reach, and an artist potential to go viral off of song clips.

She then explains that her new EP Resilience differs from the other music she has released during her career because she had a chance to showcase her versatility.

“ I’ve never put out a song like “Lick The Cat”. It’s different, it’s ronchy, it’s fun,” Vette said. “ Get It”, cab be played at family reunions, cookouts, it can be in dance competitions, or even in stores.” “ Honestly no matter what music I put out, I’ll always put a little personality, talent, and style in it.”I was in a different headspace when I created every song – nothing is ever the same.”

When it came to making and picking the cover art for her new EP, Big Boss  Vette says that her and her team worked tirelessly to ensure it was perfect.

“That picture within it self just stood out to me because it was beautiful, it was serving face, Vette said.” “Now, the words that were on the back was a letter that I had written to myself like last year sometime when I was going through a really tough time. I was like this can not be what my career is going to be. When I wrote that letter, I knew that I was releasing every bit of doubt I had within myself.”

She described the array of feelings she’s had while making this EP as happy, sad, confused, excited, and joyful. At time, being fearful was apart of the process, but she prevailed.

In the future, Big Boss Vette see herself explains into the fashion world, acting, and just all around big.

“In the future, I see myself becoming a real fashion girlie, and walking in these fashion week shows,” Vette said. “ I just see nothing but big for Big Boss Vette because she’s limitless. So, the sky isn’t the limit, it’s just a new level for me to conquer.”







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