Meet Tamiko Matthews: North Carolina realtor educating her community one house at a time

Homeownership in Black and Latino communities is an ongoing discussion that boils down to one concept — knowledge about purchasing a home.

Tamiko Matthews, realtor and founder of her own company, HomesbyTamiko, is based in North Carolina. She wears multiple hats within her community. Matthews is a wife, mother of two young boys, 4 and 12, and a full-time business owner.

I know all about the importance of finding the perfect place to call home while escaping the chaos of the world for a piece of mind,” she said.

Due to COVID-19, realtors like Matthews had to brainstorm and create innovative ways to show potential clients their homes, while staying safe. Matthews had to make some changes and adjust to the ‘new normal’ because the housing market is booming as sales have surprisingly increased.  She now offers virtual showings via FaceTime for clients who don’t want to view properties in-person. She is adamant about following social distance guidelines for the safety of her clients and their families.  

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The multifaceted businesswoman transitioned to real estate after her career in the insurance industry dissipated and no longer fulfilled her passion.

“I knew it was time to help educate others and make dreams come true on the next level. Just as many in my community weren’t taught the importance of life insurance…and weren’t taught the importance of being a homeowner.  I felt it was my duty to help educate so that we could make these dreams come true.” 

During her time in the real estate industry, Matthews learned you have to find your tribe. She’s been blessed to receive wisdom and guidance from realtors of all races and backgrounds.

“I absolutely love showing homes because each one is unique. It’s like putting a puzzle together – finding the perfect characteristics of a home that fits your client’s desires and needs. When you find the perfect match and everything goes accordingly, you feel the greatest joy knowing you just helped your client find their safe haven for their family.”

Q&A with Tamiko Matthews What’s the legacy you want to leave behind for your children?

Tamiko Matthews: The legacy I want to leave my boys is ownership and financial freedom! I want them to know they can achieve any dream with hard work, dedication, integrity, and faith. I hope to leave them with confidence so strong that no one can ever tear down any dream they desire. Nothing is too big for them to accomplish or out of their league, which was my mindset growing up. What would you tell people who want to become a real estate agent?

Tamiko Matthews: I would tell anyone who wants to get into the real estate business to go for it! I’ve never been a dream killer, but I’m always honest; therefore, I give them the raw, uncut version of the industry. Real estate is definitely not for the faint of heart, it can be cutthroat, very competitive, exhausting and more. However, as the saying goes anything rewarding is never easy, and being a real estate agent definitely outweighs the obstacles. I’m not just speaking of monetary rewards, though they are greatly appreciated, I’m talking about the reward and fulfillment of knowing you helped a client accomplish their dream of homeownership.

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We are CLOSED!!! This transaction was definitely one for the 📚 in this massive seller’s market!! My seller was able to walk away with no buyer’s closing costs/concessions, no repairs, & well above market value. Quick recap, just a few days before our scheduled closing, a few hurdles came up that required all parties involved to tackle as a TEAM to meet our one common goal!! As a Broker, you have to know how to do more than dress 👗 up & show a 🏡 !!! You have to be a able to roll up your sleeves & WORK!!! Your title will change many times during the transaction (counselor, private investigator, bounty hunters whatever it takes to get a deal to close) 🤣🤣 but that’s what makes us special & separates us from the rest!! Looking for an Agent to help you along your Real Estate journey (buy,sell,invest) that will have your best interest, give me a call!! Tamiko Matthews Realtor @ The Real Estate Concierge 910-670-5458 📱 📧

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Tamiko Matthews: In the real estate business, there are so many ways to bring in revenue. Most people get into the industry to become a buyer’s agent, seller’s agent, or both. Some just want to invest as an investor, some prefer to work in the background and not be on the frontline. You just have to know which pathway fits you best. What kind of homes do you show?

Tamiko Matthews: I show homes of all types, from the smaller scale to the higher end. My client base is diverse and I  have the ability to show homes that fit each individual’s unique needs and desires.

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