‘Diversity Increases Innovation’ Meet Kieran Sturdivant, CEO of Clear Cut Consulting helping businesses increase sales through DEI practices

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Kieran Sturdivant, Chief Executive Officer of Clear Cut Consulting believes in three main principles: diversity, equity and inclusion.

Sturdivant, a graduate from Concordia College-Selma served as the President of the Student Government Association (SGA) representing his entire student class. He also served as the State ambassador for all of the private schools in the state of Alabama.

His company, Clear Cut Consulting helps businesses of all levels understand a diverse team of employees, increases innovation and provides a wider range of skills. With fresh ideas to aid your business, having a variety of minds reduces the likelihood of groupthink and increases original and inventive products and services.

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” .. Thanks be to God. I had an Epiphany while driving to work one morning. I always knew that I wanted to have something of my own that I could be of some assistance with from a business standpoint . When this idea was constructed in my head it was no better option to me since I’ve been able to travel around the country during my college years educating individuals on what it means to be diverse while being inclusive,” Sturdivant said.

Contact: ClearCutDiversity@gmail.com

Clear Cut Consulting offers the following services:

  • Introductory Consultation – His company will develop a business plan or project for you. He’s able to provide insight and foresight based on the trends and projections in your industry.
  • Branding & Positioning Analysis ​​- In this digital world, marketing and branding is key. Your digital footprint needs to be established for the right customers to purchase your product. His staff provides key strategies to move your business forward, in addition to quarterly reviews based on booking.
  • Strategic Planning Session – CCC will gather data, focus on growth and value, organize objectives and provide an actionable plan for your company.

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Sturdivant believes small businesses need leadership training or group support training that educate individuals on what it means to be diverse in the workplace through DEI. His companies provides employee training, virtual on-boarding and more.

If you would like to partner with Clear Cut Consulting please contact ClearCutDiversity@gmail.com.

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